Latest Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Stories

2006-10-18 00:40:00

By ANGELA CHARLTON BRUYERES-LE-CHATEL, France - While North Korea was testing a nuclear bomb, France was verifying its nuclear arms, too "” with a battalion of soundless, black, cabinet-sized calculators buried beneath a meadow. The world's established nuclear powers have for the past decade foregone real test blasts for the onscreen kind, harnessing the world's most powerful computers to simulate as best as possible what happens when a nuclear bomb explodes. So why should any...

2006-04-25 12:25:15

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - India's self-imposed moratorium on nuclear weapons testing should assuage doubts U.S. lawmakers may have about passing a civil nuclear deal with the South Asian nation, Indian Minister of Power Sushil Kumar Shinde said on Tuesday. "I'm quite confident of this (congressional approval) because ... India has accepted these principles," Shinde said in an interview. The testing issue has emerged as the latest wrinkle in the sweeping deal which would give India...

2006-04-17 09:00:07

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India said on Monday it would make no explicit commitment to the United States not to conduct fresh nuclear tests as part of a landmark civilian atomic cooperation agreement. New Delhi has refused to sign the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), calling it discriminatory, but it did announce a unilateral moratorium on nuclear testing after it conducted atomic tests in 1998. The civilian nuclear agreement was finalized when President George W. Bush visited...

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