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2011-08-16 03:00:00

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Aug. 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Imperva, a pioneer and leader of a new category of data security solutions for high-value business data in the data center, today released the latest research from its Hacker Intelligence Initiative (HII). The August 2011 HII Report details how hackers are leveraging the power of search engines, like Google, to successfully carry out automated cyber attacks against vulnerable websites. Dubbed "Google Hacking," hackers armed with a...

2011-08-06 05:35:00

The US Defense Department is recruiting hackers to help it bolster its defenses against cyberattacks, a former hacker now working with the government said on Thursday. The program, known as Cyber Fast Track, was announced by Peiter Zatko during a keynote speech at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, according to John D. Sutter of CNN.com. The program, he says, "is aimed at hackers and computer security experts" and officially launched Wednesday. According to Tabassum Zakaria of Reuters,...

2011-08-05 05:10:00

A security consultant said this week that he can unlock thousands of cars simply by sending a text message. Don Bailey, a senior consultant with iSEC Partners, gave a demonstration of his hacking ability at the Black Hat security and hacking conference in Las Vegas. He refused to reveal the makes and models of cars that were susceptible to his hack, but warned that the same trick could be used to attack phones, cash machines and even industrial systems like water and power...

2011-07-28 00:01:00

Robert Silverman, Attorney for 1-800-GET-THIN, a Major Weight Loss & LAP-BAND® Marketing Company Says the Lawsuit Alleges Hacking and Deletion of Reader's Comments, Sharing of Ad Revenue with Editorial Content. Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 27, 2011 A lawsuit has been filed by 1-800-GET-THIN in Los Angeles Federal Court, alleging racketeering and antitrust claims by the L.A. Times. According to the lawsuit, the L.A. Times was caught hacking into its own blogs and sanitizing anything...

2011-06-16 12:00:00

John Neumann for RedOrbit.comThe Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is not laughing but someone is. The hacker group LulzSec is still busy breaking into highly public sites, defacing pages and causing general mayhem, Reuters is reporting. Lulz Security (LulzSec) is claiming responsibility for recent attacks on the US Senate, Sony Corp., News Corp. and the US Public Broadcasting System television network. The public website for the CIA appears to be the latest target. It initially could not be...

2011-06-06 10:35:00

LulzSec, the hacker group responsible for recent data breaches at Sony, has admitted in its Twitter feed that it had gained access to servers from Nintendo several weeks ago, according to an Associated Press (AP) report. The maker of the popular Wii game system claims that no company or third-party data was accessed. Lulzsec tweeted it had taken one file but "we didn't mean any harm. Nintendo had already fixed it anyway." Nintendo spokesman Ken Toyoda confirmed, "There were no third-party...

2011-06-02 10:46:00

ATLANTA, June 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) is under fire after someone sent a lewd picture to a college student via his Twitter account. The New York Congressman claims he was hacked; however, that claim is now up for debate. When the story first broke, the Democrat began joking about the hacking saying, "I wonder if my blender will be hacked next." However, as the days progressed so did his temper. "This was a prank that I've now been talking about for a couple...

2011-04-22 00:00:29

The Live Hacking project announces an updated version of its free Linux distribution designed for penetration testing and ethical hacking. Arlington, TX (PRWEB) April 21, 2011 The Live Hacking project, led by Dr. Ali Jahangiri, is pleased to announce an updated version of its security orientated Linux distribution the "Live Hacking DVD". Designed for penetration testing and ethical hacking, the new release has updated over 140 packages including Metasploit and Firefox. The Live Hacking...

2011-03-29 06:05:37

According to a new study, intellectual property and business secrets are quickly becoming popular targets for cyber hackers and thieves. Research and a subsequent report by Web security firm McAfee found that hackers are specializing in stolen trade secrets, marketing tools, R&D reports and source codes from corporate networks. As many companies make the move into cloud or third-party hosting networks, McAfee is urging them to scrutinize those who are looking after their data. "Cyber...

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