Latest Computer worm Stories

Hackers Defaced Tumblr User Pages
2012-12-04 05:51:26

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online A group of hackers going by the name "GNAA" claimed responsibility for a fast-spreading software worm that infected thousands of accounts on the popular micro-blogging site Tumblr on Monday morning. Users of infected accounts saw their pages defaced with a profane, expletive-laden message. Tumblr was able to fix the security exploit within hours, and released a statement Monday afternoon saying the site had been restored to...

Yoda Worm Found Deep Beneath The Atlantic Ocean
2012-10-08 04:46:11

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online Yoda, the wizened old Jedi master popularized in the Star Wars series of films, has been immortalized by scientists who have named a newly-discovered species of acorn worm in his honor. As Discovery.com's Amanda Onion reported on Friday, the new species, Yoda purpurata, is one of three recently discovered living 1 1/2 miles beneath the Atlantic Ocean. The worm was named in honor of Yoda because of large flaps on the sides of its...

2012-09-20 23:02:27

Founder of Gardening Harmony LLC, Diane Eggleston has launched GardeningHarmony.com to cater to gardeners that wish to garden in harmony with the environment, as well as those wishing to make their gardens more practical and beautiful. For more information, visit the website´s blog at GardeningHarmonyBlog.com. Apache Junction, Arizona (PRWEB) September 20, 2012 Diane Eggleston is proud to announce the launch of http://www.GardeningHarmony.com, a website focusing on gardening products...

2012-08-28 20:28:05

Peter Suciu for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online It´s alive! Well, not quite, but UT Dallas computer scientists have created a new software that helps develop defense against new kinds of attacks, and in essence it is a monster of sorts. The UT Dallas team, headed by Dr. Kevin Hamlen, associate professor of computer science, created software that can cloak itself as it steals and reconfigures information in a computer program. But Hamlen and doctoral student Vishwath Mohan...

Artificial Intelligence Finds Mutations Faster
2012-08-20 05:57:57

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online In order to fully understand some diseases – how they work, how they spread, response to drugs, etc – researchers have been employing some of the world´s tiniest animals, such as the multicellular fruit fly, nematode, or zebra fish. While this examination by itself is useful, these researchers can make real progress in their studies if they can examine a multitude of animals in order to detect any mutation among...

2012-06-12 08:22:24

Peter Suciu for redOrbit.com A meeting of minds may have occurred behind closed doors, and the results could be a sharing of a super virus that could wreak havoc on government computers. But this wasn´t some nefarious cabal of insidious hackers plotting world domination or setting up a cyber “Legion of Doom.” Or maybe it was, depending on how you choose to view what this cyber technology can do — and whether you believe in some conspiracy theories. This week it...

Flame Virus 'Most Sophisticated' Cyber Weapon Ever Used
2012-05-29 04:57:03

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab announced on Monday that they had uncovered the “most sophisticated cyber weapon” ever unleashed. The malware, dubbed Flame, is a highly complex malicious program with vast espionage capabilities that are actively targeting sensitive information across the Middle East. The sophistication and functionality of the virus exceed those of all other cyber weapons known to date, Kaspersky said. “Flame can easily be described as one of the most...

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