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2012-06-12 08:22:24

Peter Suciu for redOrbit.com A meeting of minds may have occurred behind closed doors, and the results could be a sharing of a super virus that could wreak havoc on government computers. But this wasn´t some nefarious cabal of insidious hackers plotting world domination or setting up a cyber “Legion of Doom.” Or maybe it was, depending on how you choose to view what this cyber technology can do — and whether you believe in some conspiracy theories. This week it...

Flame Virus 'Most Sophisticated' Cyber Weapon Ever Used
2012-05-29 04:57:03

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab announced on Monday that they had uncovered the “most sophisticated cyber weapon” ever unleashed. The malware, dubbed Flame, is a highly complex malicious program with vast espionage capabilities that are actively targeting sensitive information across the Middle East. The sophistication and functionality of the virus exceed those of all other cyber weapons known to date, Kaspersky said. “Flame can easily be described as one of the most...

Microsoft Patches 23 Bugs In Update
2012-05-09 13:07:45

Microsoft Patches 23 Bugs In Update Microsoft sent out over 20 security fixes across several of its software platforms as part of May´s Patch release on Tuesday. Three of the 23 security patches released were rated as “critical,” while four were listed as “important,” the company wrote in its Security Bulletin summary. “This advance notification is intended to help our customers plan for effective deployment of security updates, and includes...

2012-01-12 14:48:26

Scientists have long seen evidence of social behavior among many species of animals, both on the earth and in the sea. Dolphins frolic together, lions live in packs, and hornets construct nests that can house a large number of the insects. And, right under our feet, it appears that nematodes–also known as roundworms–are having their own little gatherings in the soil. Until recently, it was unknown how the worms communicate to one another when it's time to come together. Now,...

2011-12-23 20:00:00

According to a new study of over 500 client computers by J&M Security, LLC, 23% of small business customers had no antivirus software installed, and 49% had virus definitions more than three days old, which is old enough for the newest viruses and worms to infect their computer and undermine their antivirus software. According to Jim McKenney, who conducted the study “All of these customers were processing financial transactions on unprotected computers. They thought their...

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