Latest Concordia Station Stories

First Morning At Concordia Research Station In Antarctica
2013-08-09 13:01:48

ESA After three months of continuous night, morning will break on Saturday at the Concordia research station in Antarctica. The Sun last set there in May and since then, the crew have watched for the faintest glow on the horizon that hinted at the position of the Sun and that separates nighttime from day. This glow dwindled into complete darkness at the deepest point of winter in mid-June, and it has been gradually reappearing, slowly but steadily building up to the first real sunrise....

Summer Has Arrived For Antarctic Research Base Concordia
2012-11-09 13:30:03

ESA The first plane to reach Antarctic research base Concordia in nine months landed yesterday, bringing fresh food and replacements for the crew that spent winter in one of the most isolated places on Earth. Summer has definitely arrived. Concordia research station in Antarctica is a place of extremes. In winter, no sunlight is seen for almost four months and the typical crew of 12-15 live in complete isolation. In summer, the Sun stays above the horizon and over 50 scientists flock to...

In The Dark: Researchers Bid Farewell To The Sun
2012-05-12 04:03:59

The crew of the French—Italian Concordia research base in the Antarctic saw their last rays of Sun for over four months last weekend. Near the South Pole, the outpost will now continue its research and run self-sufficiently in darkness until September. ESA sponsors a medical research doctor in Concordia every winter to study the long-term effects of isolation and it doesn´t come much more isolated than this. The base is 3200 m above sea level and temperatures will drop to...

2012-01-29 12:07:36

Alexander Kumar, the next ESA-sponsored crewmember to stay in Concordia, has arrived safely at the research base in Antarctica. The voyage to one of the remotest places on Earth takes even longer than the voyage to the International Space Station. The international outpost´s programme of research includes glaciology, human biology and the atmosphere. ESA uses the base to prepare for future long-duration missions beyond Earth. Concordia is an ideal place to study the effects on...

Season’s Greetings From The Other Extreme
2011-12-23 04:27:55

It is summer in Antarctica and the new crew for the Concordia research station will soon arrive. And since the place is second only to space for harsh conditions, they have been trained courtesy of ESA. The Franco—Italian operated Concordia research base in Antarctica is a place of extremes, especially during the long, dark winter. Now, during the summer, it is around —30°C and the Sun shines around the clock, but Antarctica will gradually show its other face starting...

2011-12-03 12:13:20

A remarkable ESA campaign in one of the remotest regions on Earth has been fundamental in ensuring that the SMOS mission is delivering reliable data to improve our understanding of Earth´s water cycle. The two-year campaign set out to answer a simple but important question: do the microwave signals of a particular wavelength emitted from the surface the Antarctic ice shelf towards the SMOS satellite change over time? For a satellite mission that maps variations in soil...

2011-04-24 16:40:00

They are more cut off than the crew of the International Space Station. They are at Concordia in Antarctica, and one of them is ESA researcher Eoin Macdonald-Nethercott. If you want to follow in his footsteps, ESA is looking for his successor. The flat landscape around the Concordia research station is 3200 m above sea level and virtually inaccessible from February to November.During the southern winter, Concordia is under almost total darkness. With temperatures down to "“85°C...

2010-06-07 13:53:02

It's harsh, demanding, isolated and even hostile, but a unique place: Concordia research station in Antarctica. ESA is now looking for someone with medical training to join the next crew to overwinter in Concordia. Right now, 13 people are living in Concordia down in Antarctica. While we enjoy summer here in the north, the southern hemisphere is cooling and most of the great continent around the South Pole is frozen under the long, dark winter. Typically in February, research stations in...

2009-08-31 10:50:12

The search for the best observatory site in the world has lead to the discovery of what is thought to be the coldest, driest, calmest place on Earth. No human is thought to have ever been there but it is expected to yield images of the heavens three times sharper than any ever taken from the ground.The joint US-Australian research team combined data from satellites, ground stations and climate models in a study to assess the many factors that affect astronomy "“ cloud cover,...

2005-12-25 21:43:32

ESA -- A few weeks before leaving for the Antarctic Concordia Station, the Italian-French crew that will spend over one year in one of the harshest, isolated environments on Earth, attended two days of preparatory training at ESA's Headquarters in Paris, France. During their stay at the research station the crew will participate in a number of ESA experiments "“ the outcome of which will help prepare for long-term missions to Mars. As part of the Aurora Exploration Programme, ESA is...

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