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2009-06-04 13:33:19

This month's 48th International Paris Air Show will celebrate its 100th anniversary -- the first Paris Air Show was held in 1909 at the city's Grand Palace. The 2009 event at Le Bourget Airport runs June 15-21, with more than 200 000 visitors expected to attend, the European Space Agency said. The ESA said it will participate with a 5,382-square-foot pavilion located between full-size models of the Ariane 1 and Ariane 5 rockets. The ESA said visitors to its pavilion will learn about the...

2009-06-02 06:45:00

With the help of ESA technology used in the monitoring and control of satellites, a start-up company at ESA's Business Incubation Center has developed a system to remotely monitor offshore oil and gas installations. "Our Remote Intuitive Visual Operations system (RIVOPS) is based upon years of ESA experience in the monitoring of satellites and the handling of emergency situations. It is an enhanced alarm monitoring system that sits on top of conventional distributed control systems used by...

2009-05-05 15:32:59

The European Space Agency says the world premier of its digital show Touching the Edge of the Universe is planned this month at 30 European planetariums. Thursday's premier at planetariums in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is planned just days before the May 14 scheduled launch of the ESA's Herschel and Planck spacecraft -- two of the missions described in the program. Touching the Edge of the Universe tells the story of astronomy from the time of Galileo and his simple optical telescope to...

2009-05-05 09:25:36

The U.S. space agency says it's selected two science projects to examine Mars and Mercury, as well as creating new alliances with the European Space Agency. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration said the projects, valued at approximately $38 million, will aid in the interior examination of Mars and probe the atmosphere of Mercury. The Lander Radio-Science on ExoMars, known as the LaRa mission, will use NASA's Deep Space Network of radio telescopes to track part of the ESA's...

2009-04-02 13:53:44

The European Space Agency has again postponed scheduling a joint launch date for its Herschel and Planck spacecraft. The space agency said the latest delay was initiated despite verification of operational procedures for the satellites. However, during final checks on the spacecraft, concerns have arisen and a short delay is proposed in order to allow ESA and Arianespace to carry out a final and independent check of the safety margins, the ESA said in a statement. The ESA last month postponed...

2009-03-31 07:05:00

Earlier today, a crew of six, including two ESA-selected participants and four Russians, embarked on a simulated mission to Mars. Although they will not leave the confines of a dedicated isolation facility in Moscow for 105 days, their mission will help prepare for a real human mission to Mars in the future. At 12:00 CEST (14:00 local time), once all six crewmembers had entered the special habitat at the Institute of Biomedical Problems (IBMP), the hatch was firmly closed for the last time in...

2009-03-02 14:30:00

ESA's Directorate of Human Spaceflight is inviting industrial, technology and scientific communities to provide inputs for experiments and payload elements for accommodation on its first lunar lander. This Request for Information follows last year's ESA Council Meeting at Ministerial Level, where funding was approved for ESA to work towards launching a lunar lander in the 2017"“20 timeframe within the European Transportation and Human Exploration Preparatory Activities program and the...

2009-01-15 11:22:08

The European Space Agency (ESA) Director General met with reporters on Wednesday to outline a number of major events planned for 2009. Jean-Jacques Dordain began the annual press briefing at ESA headquarters by reviewing the ESA's achievements in 2008, such as the docking of the Columbus science lab with the International Space Station "Last year was really an outstanding vintage," he told reporters. "But there'll be no breathing space going forward." Dordain continued by previewing several...

2008-11-26 12:05:00

The European Space Agency (ESA) will soon have a research center in the UK to concentrate on space robotics and climate change science. The new facility will be based on the Harwell innovation campus in Oxfordshire. Britain is currently the only major member state of ESA to not host one of its own technical centers. European science ministers have been meeting at The Hague to approve agency policies and funding. The agreement to open the facility was announced during those meetings. Senior...

2008-11-20 09:54:41

ESA has launched a new initiative "“ the Changing Earth Science Network "“ to support young scientists undertaking leading-edge research activities aimed at advancing our understanding of the Earth System. Although the Earth has undergone significant changes in the past, there is mounting evidence that the changes imposed, mostly by human activity, during the last 150 years cannot be compared with any previous change. Realizing the importance of further understanding our planet...

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