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2006-08-21 20:05:51

By Euan Denholm CHOMBO, Congo (Reuters) - After queuing for hours to mark her ballot paper in Congo's first multiparty elections for four decades, Salome Ndavuma confesses she had a little dance.

2006-08-21 15:56:20

By David Lewis KINSHASA (Reuters) - U.N. and European peacekeepers on Monday rescued a group of foreign ambassadors in Congo trapped by fierce fighting between soldiers loyal to President Joseph Kabila and supporters of an election rival.

2006-08-21 07:18:45

By David Lewis KINSHASA (Reuters) - The United Nations called for calm in Democratic Republic of Congo on Monday after gun battles surrounding the announcement of a presidential election run-off stoked fears of a violent political showdown.

2006-08-17 07:27:31

By David Lewis KINSHASA (Reuters) - The United Nations is investigating a suspected child prostitution ring involving its peacekeepers and government soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the U.N. mission said on Thursday.

2006-08-13 15:59:08

By David Lewis KINSHASA (Reuters) - Hackles are rising in Congo's volatile capital Kinshasa as incumbent President Joseph Kabila builds a lead with results trickling in from the country's first free elections in more than four decades.

2006-08-13 13:31:37

By David Lewis KINSHASA (Reuters) - Hackles are rising in Congo's volatile capital Kinshasa as incumbent President Joseph Kabila builds a lead with results trickling in from the country's first free elections in more than four decades.

2006-08-10 11:03:54

By David Lewis KINSHASA (Reuters) - Results trickling in from Congo's historic election confirm a two-man race between the incumbent president and a former rebel leader but 10 days after the vote, experts caution the results are still tentative.

2006-08-05 12:49:42

By Eva Gilliam SAKE, Congo (Reuters) - Thousands of people fled clashes between troops loyal to renegade General Laurent Nkunda and the Congolese army on Saturday in which two government soldiers were killed, officials said.

2006-08-04 09:00:15

By Daniel Flynn KINSHASA (Reuters) - Accusations of foreign meddling in Democratic Republic of Congo's elections mounted on Friday after another candidate warned the international community not to intervene to keep President Joseph Kabila in power.

2006-08-03 13:40:11

KINSHASA (Reuters) - Seventeen people died in a plane crash in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on Thursday, a United Nations spokeswoman said.

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Congo Dwarf Clawed Frog, Hymenochirus boettgeri
2014-08-18 16:11:58

The Congo dwarf clawed frog is one of four species belonging to the African dwarf frog genus. It is native to central Africa and lives primarily in shallow freshwater creeks, flooded areas during the rainy season, and ponds. The Congo dwarf clawed frog can only live out of water for a short period of time, or it will dry up and die. It lives underwater and will only surface to take in oxygen. This species is often used as pets. This species is very small, growing to an average of 2.5...

Western Tree Hyrax, Dendrohyrax dorsalis
2012-10-01 17:43:06

The western tree hyrax (Dendrohyrax dorsalis), also known as Beecroft's tree hyrax or the western tree dassie, is a mammal that is native to Central and West Africa. Its range holds many areas including Benin, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Gambia, Liberia, Rwanda, Senegal, and Uganda. It prefers a habitat within moist savannah or rocky areas, as well as tropical and subtropical moist low-lying forests. Not much is known about this species habits, but some studies have...

Okapi, Okapia johnstoni
2012-10-01 08:48:10

The okapi (Okapia johnstoni) is a species within the Giraffidae family that can be found in Central Africa. Its native range includes the Ituri Rainforest, which can be found to the northeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This species is most closely related to the giraffe, despite its resemblances to the zebra. Its habitat varies slightly depending on the area of its range. It occurs in swamps in the southeast, montane forests in the east, savannahs in the north, and woodlands in...

2012-06-15 06:58:02

Symbol: HICL2 Group: Dicot Family: Malvaceae Duration: Perennial Growth Habit: Tree Shrub Native Status: PR    N VI    N Distribution: HibiscusclypeatusL. distribution:USA+(PR, VI) Classification:       Kingdom   Plantae – Plants Subkingdom   Tracheobionta – Vascular plants Superdivision   Spermatophyta – Seed plants Division   Magnoliophyta – Flowering plants Class   Magnoliopsida...

2008-10-18 12:24:29

The Gray-backed Fiscal (Lanius excubitoroides) is a species of bird found in Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Mauritania, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. Its natural habitats are dry savanna and subtropical or tropical dry lowland grassland.

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