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2005-10-08 20:51:18

By Emma Ross-Thomas MELILLA, Spain (Reuters) - It's Ramadan in Spain's North African enclave of Melilla and as tempers fray, a group of shopkeepers argue about how Spanish they are. "I am a Spanish Berber," one fasting shopkeeper shouts in Spanish, repeating it in the Berber language Tamazight. Mimon Mohamed Amar shouts back: "Come on, all of us Muslims have family in Morocco ... we all migrated from Morocco." Melilla, nestling on Morocco's northeast coast, has been Spanish since...

2005-10-07 08:56:35

By Emma Ross-Thomas MELILLA (Reuters) - African migrants in Spain's North African enclaves said on Friday they feared for their lives if Madrid sent them back under a plan to end attempts by hundreds to storm border fences into Spanish territory. In a radical change of policy, Spain sent 70 migrants back to its neighbor late on Thursday after it reactivated a 1992 accord with Morocco to allow it to send back sub-Saharan African migrants who have entered Spain via the neighboring...

2005-10-06 13:13:34

By Lamine Ghanmi and Emma Ross-Thomas RABAT/MELILLA (Reuters) - Moroccan troops, attempting to prevent illegal immigrants from reaching a Spanish enclave, killed six Africans in clashes in northern Morocco on Wednesday night, a local government official said on Thursday. Spanish police said earlier a joint operation between Spanish and Moroccan police and troops had repelled more than 500 migrants trying to cross into Spain's North African outpost of Melilla before dawn. Just one...

2005-10-06 11:05:47

MADRID (Reuters) - An internal investigation has concluded that Spanish police did not fire shots that killed five migrants trying to enter Spain's North African enclave of Ceuta last week, Spain's interior minister said on Thursday. "It can be confirmed that Civil Guard (police) forces ... did not fire any live round with any of the weapons they were equipped with," Jose Antonio Alonso told a parliamentary committee, quoting from a police report. "They could not have caused the...

2005-10-05 15:44:25

By Emma Ross-Thomas MELILLA, Spain (Reuters) - Spain said on Wednesday it planned extraordinary measures to deter African migrants from storming the borders of its North African outposts after 500 people tried to burst through. Spain said it would invoke for the first time a 1992 agreement with Morocco allowing it to send back to Morocco sub-Saharan Africans who had made it over the razor-wire fences into its North African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla. Under the agreement, Spain...

2005-10-05 08:05:52

By Emma Ross-Thomas MELILLA, Spain (Reuters) - Some 500 African migrants charged the razor-wire border at Spain's north African enclave of Melilla on Wednesday, and many of the 65 who got through were injured, the government said. It was the latest in a string of assaults in recent days at the crossings from Morocco to Melilla and Spain's other enclave Ceuta, the rich European Union's only land border with Africa. Five died last week in a similar attempt; news reports said all were...

2005-09-21 07:20:00

By Ed Cropley BAN MUANG MANG, Thailand (Reuters) - Treading in the footsteps of her father and grandfather, Tawin Suanchatree makes the pre-dawn rounds of her rubber grove in southern Thailand armed only with a headlamp and curved knife. But in the darkness enveloping the wizened 55-year-old Buddhist stand a dozen soldiers, silently guarding those who, like Tawin, have become unwitting targets in a bloody insurgency by ethnic Malay separatists. Nearly 900 people have died in Thailand's three...

2005-07-10 11:37:31

By Carsten Lietz LUXEMBOURG (Reuters) - Luxembourg approved the European Union's troubled constitution by a solid majority in a referendum on Sunday, averting a threat by Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker to resign. Voters in the duchy of 465,000 people that houses several key EU institutions backed the charter by 56.52 percent to 43.48 percent, official results showed. But the result is unlikely to revive the charter, designed to make EU decision-making more efficient after the bloc's...

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