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2009-05-27 11:30:00

CINCINNATI, May 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Swapalease.com, the world's largest auto lease marketplace, has more than doubled its goal with its latest social media strategy on Facebook.com.

2009-05-13 17:43:58

Canadians rank almost at the bottom -- just above Americans, who are the worst -- in hurting the environment, a National Geographic Society survey says. By contrast, Brazilians and Indians tied as most green, the society's annual Greendex tracking survey said. The survey, conducted by Canadian research company GlobeScan International, examined consumer behaviors in 14 countries that represent more than half of the world's population and use about 75 percent of its energy.

2009-04-22 02:05:00

PROVIDENCE, R.I., April 22 /PRNewswire/ -- With the unemployment rate at a startling high and the prices of necessities rising even as many household budgets shrink, making informed purchasing decisions matters now more than ever. That's where a new website called WhatitCosts.com comes in.

2009-03-11 06:50:00

BELLEVUE, Wash., March 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Complaints.com now includes company profiles of more than 20 million businesses in the US so that companies receive email and voice message notifications alerting them of the complaint.

2009-01-01 14:25:35

A majority of unemployed U.S.

2008-12-12 08:12:00

RESTON, Va., Dec. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- In a nationwide survey conducted by the American Consumer Institute, 93.4% of consumers say that the economy is worse than a year ago with only 1.1% saying that the economy is stronger.

2008-10-31 09:00:13

When it comes to viewing TV and video, growth in consumer markets is more limited by consumers' ability to absorb new usage models and new applications than by limitations of technology, according to a new US consumer survey from ABI Research.

2008-10-12 21:00:21

FLAT steel makers and steel pipe makers expect to see demand for steel decrease and its product prices soften in the current half of the year.

2008-10-02 12:05:23

Text of report by Cuban Communist-youth newspaper Juventud Rebelde website on 1 October [Report by Marianela Martin, Rocio Trujillo, Amaury E.

2008-09-23 03:00:24

Gas stations should be allowed to charge any price they want. Stop and think. There are gas stations all around us. All of them havesimilar products and must compete with one another. We have regulations and agencies that watch to make sure there are no cooperative arrangements among stations.

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