Latest Controlled Substances Act Stories

2008-01-22 12:00:00

Don't know what to do with your old, expired medications? Until now, there has been no safe and environmentally benign way to dispose of unused or expired medicine. Old drugs left in the medicine cabinet are too often used by mistake or by someone seeking a high. If thrown in the garbage or flushed down the toilet, they can give an unintended dose to fish and other wildlife. That's beginning to change here, thanks to the nation's largest program for returning unused drugs. Group Health...

2007-04-24 12:01:09

digiMedical Solutions, Inc.(TM) (PINKSHEETS: DGMS) today announced it has applied for a Wholesale Distribution License for the company's central Florida facility, located in Naples, Florida. A Wholesale Distribution License will allow the central Harrington's facility to provide physicians, hospitals, and other pharmacies a local place to purchase medication and supplies that they otherwise cannot obtain due to shortages and emergency situations. The license will also provide the company an...

2005-11-01 15:05:00

By James Vicini WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Several U.S. Supreme Court members appeared supportive on Tuesday of allowing New Mexican followers of a small Brazilian-based religion to legally use hallucinogenic tea as a sacrament, a case that pits drug laws against those protecting religious freedoms. During arguments about sacramental hoasca tea, several justices said the federal government already has made an exception by allowing peyote use by Native American churches. "You can make an exception...

2004-11-30 15:00:11

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court on Monday appeared unlikely to shield medical marijuana users from federal drug laws, as justices expressed deep reservations about sanctioning even limited use of illegal drugs. Some justices were skeptical that medicinal pot, which is permitted in 11 states, is always a non-economic enterprise and separate from the illegal drug trade. Others seemed to dispute the idea that Congress could not regulate a substance that is considered contraband. Five justices...

2004-11-30 15:00:10

WASHINGTON -- A lawyer for chronic-pain sufferers argued before the Supreme Court on Monday that these people, upon a doctor's recommendation, should be allowed to smoke marijuana to relieve their suffering. The justices treated the argument skeptically, appearing more receptive to a federal attorney who said that permitting an unapproved, medicinal use for marijuana would defeat Congress' goal of stifling the illegal drug trade. It is "a bit optimistic" to believe that marijuana can be...

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