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2008-12-15 07:25:00


2008-12-03 09:48:00

Add Fresh Ginger Flavor with Gourmet Garden(TM) for a Taste of the Holidays NEW YORK, Dec. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- The taste and smell of ginger is enough to put anyone in the holiday spirit. With its combination of sweetness and spice, ginger is the perfect flavor to lift any holiday treat.

2008-11-11 12:00:18

Bakers at Arnott's in Australia have been delighting consumers "Down Under" for over 40 years with Tim Tam(TM), an iconic Australian 'biscuit' that takes the sweet life from ordinary to Aus-some! Pepperidge Farm, sister company of Arnott's, is introducing this decadent favorite to Americans beginning this November to tempt, tantalize and delight, layer by layer.

2008-10-04 18:00:16

By JAYNE HOWARTH Jacqueline Wilson has the knack of getting under children's skin, writing about subjects that are meaningful to them - or that they can empathise with. In her latest book, Cookie, she tackles bullying in a very direct and upfront way.

2008-10-01 09:00:32

By THERESA CURRY By Theresa Curry Correspondent Eleanor Porambo has fit more into her lifetime than a city block full of most people. At the Norfolk Airport Hilton , staff members know her as "Miss Ellie," a sweet woman who brings homemade cakes, brownies and fudge to share with everyone.

2008-09-26 06:00:26

US-based supermarket operator Giant Food has announced a voluntary recall of Grandma Taylor's Gourmet Dipping cookies sold in Giant's Bakeshop as the items could contain nut allergens that are not declared on the labels. The products were manufactured on a line that contains various nuts.

2008-09-24 18:00:19

NEW YORK, Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- A new poll of dads, conducted jointly by Cookie, the lifestyle magazine for the modern mom, and AOL Health, http://www.aolhealth.com/, reveals that 32 percent of dads report having had an affair since having children.

2008-09-22 00:00:14

By Rozana sani HARI Raya cookies have always been in Rozita Abdul Kader's blood. Her late mother was known for making the home-made delights, and the skill has since been passed on to her.

2008-09-17 18:00:18

By Heather McPherson We can waste money simply by not storing food properly. The July issue of ShopSmart, a sister publication of Consumer Reports, has tips for storing hard-to-keep foods. Here are five staples that need some TLC: Cheese ShopSmart found conflicting advice.

2008-09-13 03:00:20

By Smith, Melissa Diane Here's how to get an "A" in giving your kids the foods they need for a healthy start to the school year It's back-to-School time again-time to make the grade by providing safe, enjoyable lunches and after-school snacks for your kids.

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