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2006-06-23 17:55:00

CORDELIA, Calif. -- Miles from the shoreline, 10 baby brown pelicans lounge by a pool in a roomy cage, large buckets of fish there for the taking. Just days ago, these birds could not feed themselves at all. Scores of starving baby pelicans - emaciated, cold and too weak to fly - are washing up on California beaches in disturbing numbers this spring. The underfed California brown pelicans have stirred concerns over the endangered species, which in recent years has shown strong signs of...

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2004-10-19 04:45:41

Uranus' moon Cordelia -- Cordelia is the innermost moon of Uranus. Apart from its orbital radius and dimensions, virtually nothing is known about it. It takes its name from the youngest daughter of Lear in William Shakespeare's King Lear. Cordelia acts as the inner shepherd satellite for Uranus' epsilon planetary ring. Cordelia's orbit is within Uranus' synchronous orbit radius, and is therefore slowly decaying due to tidal forces. ----- Discovery Discovered by Voyager 2...

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