Latest Council 94 Stories

2008-07-27 15:00:35

By STEVE PEOPLES The rebellion by rank-and-file workers intensifies the state's fiscal woes. PROVIDENCE -- On paper, the State of Rhode Island has a balanced budget. But just 27 days into the budget year, there are signs that bureaucratic delays and a recent rebellion by rank-and-file union members may knock the state's 2008-09 spending plan out of whack, further weakening Rhode Island's economic health. It was no secret that the budget passed before the state's part- time General...

2008-07-26 15:00:34

By Steve Peoples; Governor Carcieri After members of the largest union of state employees reject an agreement accepted by their leaders, the governor refuses to negotiate further. PROVIDENCE -- Governor Carcieri issued a statement yesterday flatly refusing to negotiate with the state's largest employee union, a day after members rejected a four-year contract proposal that the Republican governor brokered to help balance the state budget. The resounding no vote was largely seen as a...

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