Latest Cow dung Stories

2009-06-24 15:36:32

In the mating world of yellow dung flies, large, brawny males almost always get the girl. However, a new study suggests that smaller males rule if presented with an opportunity to woo females when they are not hanging out on cow dung. It is the first time alternative male reproductive strategies have been observed in this species.In a study published in the June 24 Proceedings of The Royal Society B, a group of Syracuse University (N.Y.) undergraduate students found that small male dung...

2009-03-02 18:50:41

More than 100 people gathered in Golden, Colo., to mark the 163rd birthday of William Buffalo Bill Cody with buffalo chip tossing and other events. Revelers gathered Sunday at the Buffalo Bill Museum on Lookout Mountain to celebrate the birthday of Cody, who served as a head of scouts for the Army and a Pony Express rider before finding fame with his touring Wild West Show, The Denver Post reported Monday. The event included cake, ice cream and a buffalo chip tossing contest, with the winners...

2008-08-13 00:00:20

Move over horse power, cow power could be the next big thing! The California State Fair today announced that the event will host the first known amusement ride powered entirely by cow manure. Pacific Gas and Electric Company and developer BioEnergy Solutions will power a children's train ride with renewable biogas, made from California dairy cows. The ride, "Barnyard Animal Train," is owned by Ray Cammack Shows and will be located in the Kaiser Permanente Kids Park at the State Fair....

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