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2009-05-12 08:00:00

'Coyote Search' for Staff To Be Held June 13 and 14, 2009 OKLAHOMA CITY, May 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Coyote Ugly Saloon, the most famous bar on the planet, is opening its next US location in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Coyote Ugly Saloon founder Liliana "Lil" Lovell announced today.

2009-05-11 05:09:00

Coyote Point Invited Again to Power Interop's Reliable, High-Speed Networking Services for Exhibitors, Conference Rooms and Attendees SAN JOSE, Calif., May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- InteropNet. It's the largest private temporary network in the world.

2009-05-07 16:55:19

Officials in a Denver suburb hope paintball guns will convince coyotes to move on. Police in Greenwood Village say the number of coyotes has soared recently, ABC News reported.

2009-05-06 16:08:01

A Purdue University study of 10 small airports has found animals can often gain easy access to runways, increasing the likelihood of aircraft accidents. Just about every pilot we talked to at these airports said that during a landing they've had to pull up to avoid hitting an animal on the runway, Professor Gene Rhodes said, adding reports of deer, coyotes and other animals were common. While Rhodes' study looked only at Indiana airports, he said there are thousands of U.S.

2009-05-06 06:51:43

The National Hockey League is resisting efforts by a Canadian billionaire to buy the bankrupt Phoenix Coyotes and relocate them to Canada. The league has repeatedly said the franchise won't be moved to southern Ontario near the Toronto and Buffalo Sabres franchises, The Globe and Mail reported. However,

2009-04-30 07:39:12

A Canadian city bus driver in Calgary is credited with saving a cowering young dog from circling coyotes by simply opening the bus door. Dawn Hagel said she was driving Tuesday when she spotted the 16-month-old Australian cattle dog cringing beneath a parked pickup truck at the side of the road and two coyotes circling it. Hagel, who owns two dogs herself, told the Calgary Sun she pulled alongside and opened the door. He was in the bus in a heartbeat -- he knew it was a much better fate, she...

2009-03-06 15:32:36

Canadian animal protection groups have raised concerns about the Vancouver City Council's vote to legalize the keeping of chickens in the city. The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Vancouver Humane Society warned that many city residents would be clueless as to how to care for hens, specifically where to buy feed and how to find a qualified vet, the Vancouver Sun reported Friday. While we sympathize with the interests of local people who want to keep...

2009-01-13 13:40:00


2008-12-04 05:57:00

LONDON, Dec. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2008 European Telematics Entrepreneurial Company Award is presented to Coyote System. The Award recognises the company's ability to address market challenges with its innovative driver assistance information system: the Coyote.

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2013-10-07 07:13:33

The chupacabra (goatsucker) is a legendary creature claimed to inhabit the Americas. The origin of the name derives from chupar “to suck” and cabra “goat,” resulting from the creature’s pattern of killing livestock, especially goats, and drinking their blood. The name was coined shortly after the first reports by comedian Silverio Perez. The origin of the chupacabra may have come from the science fiction film Species, where an eyewitness account of the chupacabra was in Puerto...

Elmendorf Beast
2013-07-31 07:32:21

The Elmendorf Beast has been blamed for several attacks on livestock in the town of Elmendorf, Texas. A variety of opinions on what the creature was have been disclosed, with one such claim offering that it was a Mexican Hairless Dog mutated by illness. Some local residents associate it with the legend of the Chupacabra, and others claimed it was an escaped lab experiment or an unknown species discovered. In August of 2004, an animal perceived as the Elmendorf Beast was shot by a local...

Mexican Prairie Dog, Cynomys mexicanus
2012-07-22 13:09:39

The Mexican prairie dog (Cynomys mexicanus) is a rodent that is native to Mexico. It is related to squirrels and chipmunks. These prairie dogs prefer to burrow in soil without rocks on plains, and can live at altitudes between 5,250 and 7,200 feet. Its northern range includes San Luis Potosi and its southern range includes areas of Coahuila. The Mexican prairie dog can reach an average body length of up to seventeen inches, and an average weight of 2.2 pounds. The overall fur color is...

2007-01-22 16:38:59

The American Badger, Taxidea taxus, is a North American badger, somewhat similar in appearance to the European Badger. It is found in the western and central United States, northern Mexico and central Canada. This animal prefers dry open areas with deep soils that are easy to dig, such as prairie regions. In Mexico, this animal is sometimes called "tlacoyote". Anatomy The stocky body is flattened covered with shaggy grizzled fur, and the legs are short and powerful. The legs have...

2007-01-22 14:21:30

The gray fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) is a species of canine ranging from southern Canada, throughout most of the lower United States. It is also found in Central America, to Venezuela. This species and the closely related Island Fox are the only living members of the genus Urocyon, which is considered to be among the most primitive of the living canids. Description The gray fox has a pepper brown back, tawny sides, neck and legs, and a white belly. It has a black stripe along its...

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