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2008-11-30 12:18:55

Residents of Farmers Branch, Texas, say they're torn over an injured coyote who has thrived in their midst for nearly three years. Dubbed Limpy, the coyote brazenly sunbathes in driveways, roams the local country club and easily evades animal control officers, despite his injury, The Dallas Morning

2008-11-27 21:42:41

A left shoulder injury will cause Phoenix Coyotes center Olli Jokinen to miss at least two weeks, ending his streak of 397 consecutive games played. The 11-year veteran remaining in the first period of Wednesday's 3-2 win against Columbus when he was checked into the boards by Blue Jackets defenseman Marc Methot. The 215-pounder, a first-round draft pick by Los Angeles in 1997, last missed a game during the 2002-03 season while with the Florida Panthers. This gives other guys opportunities to...

2008-10-12 06:00:20

By Gary Bogue It definitely feels like fall. Dear Gary: I moved to beautiful Dana Hills, in Clayton, 15 years ago, in order to be next to open space at the base of our majestic Mount Diablo.

2008-09-27 03:00:20

By Joe Segura LONG BEACH - When a gopher - call him Ishmael - pops his furry frame up from its habitat, he sees a sea of green. From horizon to horizon, at the sprawling El Dorado Regional Park, the lush landscape is prime turf for Ishmael and his furry family - thousands strong.

2008-09-26 09:00:25

By Jeff Vice Deseret News All Roads Lead Home -- * 1/2 -- Vivien Cardone, Peter Coyote, Jason London; rated PG (violence, drugs, vulgarity, mild profanity, slurs, nude artwork) "All Roads Lead Home" is more hackneyed than it is heartwarming. It's considerably more annoying than it is enjoyable.

2008-09-23 21:00:00

By Dave Peyton AND now it's wild turkeys. I am beginning to wonder just how wild Peyton Place will become. It began a few years ago when the property was overrun by deer. That phenomenon continues. Then the coyotes arrived.

2008-09-04 09:00:27

By Karen Cotton TriMedia Film FestivalWhen: Friday through SundayWhere: Old Town downtown, Fort Collins, Colo.

2008-09-04 03:00:13

By Joe Segura LOS ALAMITOS -- Startled residents have been been raising Cain more regularly, following continued coyote sightings near the massive San Gabriel River channel this year.

2008-08-20 03:00:25

By Kozlowski, Adam J Gese, Eric M; Arjo, Wendy M ABSTRACT. - Successful coexistence of sympatric canid species often relies on the subdominant species' ability to reduce competition through the differential selection of niche space.

2008-08-19 21:00:19

By Brenda Duran LONG BEACH - In an effort to ease anxiety and educate residents on all things related to wild coyotes, Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske invited community members to a forum at the El Dorado Senior Center on Monday evening.

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2013-10-07 07:13:33

The chupacabra (goatsucker) is a legendary creature claimed to inhabit the Americas. The origin of the name derives from chupar “to suck” and cabra “goat,” resulting from the creature’s pattern of killing livestock, especially goats, and drinking their blood. The name was coined shortly after the first reports by comedian Silverio Perez. The origin of the chupacabra may have come from the science fiction film Species, where an eyewitness account of the chupacabra was in Puerto...

Elmendorf Beast
2013-07-31 07:32:21

The Elmendorf Beast has been blamed for several attacks on livestock in the town of Elmendorf, Texas. A variety of opinions on what the creature was have been disclosed, with one such claim offering that it was a Mexican Hairless Dog mutated by illness. Some local residents associate it with the legend of the Chupacabra, and others claimed it was an escaped lab experiment or an unknown species discovered. In August of 2004, an animal perceived as the Elmendorf Beast was shot by a local...

Mexican Prairie Dog, Cynomys mexicanus
2012-07-22 13:09:39

The Mexican prairie dog (Cynomys mexicanus) is a rodent that is native to Mexico. It is related to squirrels and chipmunks. These prairie dogs prefer to burrow in soil without rocks on plains, and can live at altitudes between 5,250 and 7,200 feet. Its northern range includes San Luis Potosi and its southern range includes areas of Coahuila. The Mexican prairie dog can reach an average body length of up to seventeen inches, and an average weight of 2.2 pounds. The overall fur color is...

2007-01-22 16:38:59

The American Badger, Taxidea taxus, is a North American badger, somewhat similar in appearance to the European Badger. It is found in the western and central United States, northern Mexico and central Canada. This animal prefers dry open areas with deep soils that are easy to dig, such as prairie regions. In Mexico, this animal is sometimes called "tlacoyote". Anatomy The stocky body is flattened covered with shaggy grizzled fur, and the legs are short and powerful. The legs have...

2007-01-22 14:21:30

The gray fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) is a species of canine ranging from southern Canada, throughout most of the lower United States. It is also found in Central America, to Venezuela. This species and the closely related Island Fox are the only living members of the genus Urocyon, which is considered to be among the most primitive of the living canids. Description The gray fox has a pepper brown back, tawny sides, neck and legs, and a white belly. It has a black stripe along its...

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