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2009-08-12 11:38:00

FOLSOM, California, August 12 /PRNewswire/ -- On Monday, August 17th at 1:30PM in Hensill Hall 113, attendees of the 90th Annual Pacific Division Meeting of the AAAS in San Francisco will get to learn about the latest efforts in science communication from some of the brightest minds in the field." The symposium is called "Good Science is Only Part of the Job: Communicating Science to the Public." (Online link: http://www.sou.edu/aaaspd/2009SANFRANCISCO/Symposia09.html#15). As...

2009-07-10 06:43:31

According to a recent poll, the share of Americans who consider achievements in science to be among the nation’s greatest accomplishments is on the decline.

2009-06-30 17:50:00

Paleontologists visiting the Creation Museum at the conclusion of a convention got more than they bargained for when they found their life’s work under attack.

2009-05-06 15:29:35

A University of Minnesota study has determined high school biology teachers often shape their student's views about evolution and creationism. Professors Randy Moore and Sehoya Cotner surveyed 1,000 university students taking introductory biology classes.

2009-05-03 08:50:00

College students' views about evolution and creationism are often shaped by what they learned in their high school biology classes.

2009-03-24 10:40:00

Leading members of the Texas scientific community, in collaboration with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), have urged the Texas State Board of Education to reject amendments to the state's draft science standards that would undermine sound science teaching.

2009-03-16 14:10:00

ANNAPOLIS, Md., March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Solving Light Books announced today that Don McLeroy, controversial Chair of the Texas State Board of Education, has recommended "Sowing Atheism" (ISBN: 978-0-9705438-5-1) by Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr., to other board members and to the general public.

2009-03-17 07:07:53

U.S. Sen.

2009-02-16 23:09:32

A professional organization of scientists says it will not to hold its convention in New Orleans because of concern over Louisiana law on science education. The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology -- which has more than 2,300 members -- notified Louisiana Gov.

2009-02-16 08:15:00

A failure to grasp the fundamentals of biological systems may be leaving K-12 teachers and students vulnerable to claims by intelligent design creationists, new-age homeopaths and other "hucksters."

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