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2009-01-23 16:10:07

The Texas Board of Education rejected efforts to continue to require children to study pros and cons of scientific theories, including evolution. Lawrence Allen Jr., who voted against including the strengths and weaknesses language, called for the board to do better at representing everybody in the process and not just our individual ideologies, the Austin American-Statesman reported Friday. The board was considering draft language crafted by a committee of teachers and education experts who...

2009-01-13 17:36:26

If you think you know what science is and how science works, think again.

2008-10-10 18:00:11

By Sharon Roberts TWO stories on evolution appeared in your newspaper on October 7. Evolutionists would have us believe that we are the descendants of apes and other primitive prehistoric creatures who evolved from a common ancestor that emerged from a pond billions of years ago.

2008-10-01 15:00:10

DESPITE the impossibility of evolution ever happening, the evolutionist is certain that it has. The rigorously tested scientific evidence of evolution that J. C.

2008-10-01 00:10:00

Are evolutionists "terrified" by creationists? In the run-up to Darwin's anniversary year - he was born in 1809, and published his most famous book in 1859 - we can expect a flowering of letters favouring his enormous contribution to science or, as may be, denouncing his theory of natural selection.

2008-09-17 00:00:11

By Steve Connor The scientist who said creationism should be discussed in science lessons has left his job at the Royal Society.

2008-09-16 16:40:00

An official announcement from the Vatican on Tuesday said the theory of evolution was compatible with the Bible but planned no posthumous apology to Charles Darwin for the cold reception it gave him 150 years ago.

2008-09-16 12:00:14

Top of Tom McIvor's wish list for this Christmas must be that evolution would just go away. Well, that isn't going to happen! Evolution has withstood the onslaught of better minds than his for 150 years and has not failed any test, so it can shrug off any criticism from him.

2008-09-15 18:00:13

BIOLOGIST Professor Michael Reiss (Teaching creationism in science classes, September 12) has rather an odd view of the purpose of science education.

2008-09-12 00:00:23

PUPILS should be taught Harry Potter magic tricks as part of their school curriculum, it was claimed yesterday. An experiment found kids taught to perform tricks in class had their confidence boosted far more than by conventional self-esteem lessons.

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