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2009-11-12 06:00:00

After being rescued, the last of eight griffon vultures was fitted with a satellite transmitter before being sent off into the wild last month from the northern Croatian island of Cres. Though the vulture seemed hesitant to leave its place of safety for a long migration, its instincts finally kicked in and it took off in search of food, reported AFP. Many European countries have seen an extinction of griffon vultures, which are now endangered in Croatia. In an attempt to stave off extinction,...

2008-07-27 00:00:36

Fuel prices have been going up but I think it will get to the stage where people who work some distance from their job won't be able to afford the fuel and therefore won't be able to work. The Government says you should find work; that's fine but if you have to travel it would be near impossible over a certain distance. Come on Mr Brown, lend me your big car and a year's fuel supply so I can get to work! CHRIS MASON Camwood Cres, Lincoln. So if you spend pounds50 in Tesco or...

2005-10-08 20:53:58

By Igor Ilic DIVSICI, Croatia (Reuters) - For years, Portugal's Algarve, France's Provence or Tuscany in Italy have been leading the field for farm holidays in peaceful rural settings. The picturesque Istrian peninsula in Croatia's northern Adriatic is keen to join their ranks. Judging by the Stancija Negricani, a sprawling farm estate surrounded by pastures and woodland in the hamlet of Divsici in the south of the peninsula, the idea may take off. In the past few years, the number...