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2009-07-30 14:53:00

WASHINGTON, July 30 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --, Today, FRC Action, the legislative lobbying arm of Family Research Council, announced that Bill O'Reilly, host of Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor," will address FRC's fourth annual Values Voter Summit that will take place September 18-20 in Washington, D.C. O'Reilly is the author of eight best-selling books including Culture Warrior, Those Who Trespass and his most recent A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity: A Memoir. For being a voice of virtue...

2009-07-28 16:05:00

Armored crickets have a strange yet remarkable way of defending themselves from being attacked, squirting out toxic blood from tiny gaps in their body and then throwing up to make themselves unpalatable to predators.While a few other insect species, such as beetles and katydids, actively bleed when attacked, the benefits of such extreme measures were not clear. New research shows the strategy does indeed work in deterring predators such as lizards.  Armored ground crickets (Acanthoplus...

2009-06-26 08:05:52

The El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) phenomenon has been shown to have a significant effect on the results of the Ashes cricket series. When the series is held in Australia, the Australian Cricket team is more likely to succeed after El Nino years, while the England cricket team has a historically better record following La Nina years (the opposite phase), according to a study published today in Weather.ENSO is the largest mode of interannual climate variability in terms of globally...

2009-06-21 22:49:51

Back-to-form Shahid Afridi's brilliant 54 steered Pakistan to an 8-wicket win over Sri Lanka Sunday in the Twenty20 World Cup cricket final at London's Lords. The victory helped the team regain its international cricket stature after years in a slump. Pakistan faces growing political instability brought on brought on by the Taliban insurgency and severe economic problems. The all-rounder Afridi, who had been out of form in recent months, has been the main architect of his team's comeback in...

2009-06-12 06:31:00

UPPSALA, Sweden, June 12 /PRNewswire/ -- - Fastest Growing Sports Community Launches Second Fantasy Cricket League: Fantasy World Twenty20 Following the success of SportsPundit.com's first online fantasy cricket tournament earlier this year, the world's fastest growing online sports community, is launching Fantasy World Twenty20. Based on the World Cup tournament, staged this year in England and running right through to the final match on 21 June, over 1,500 cricket fans...

2009-05-24 19:34:40

The Deccan Chargers fought off Anil Kumble's 4 for 16 spell Sunday to defeat the Royal Challengers in the Indian Premier League cricket final in South Africa. The Johannesburg thriller saw Herschelle Gibbs (53 not out) and Andrew Symonds (33 in 21 balls) take Hyderabad's total to 143-6 in 20 overs, enough to register a six-run win over the Bangalore team's 137 for 9 in the same number of overs, the BBC reported. The Chargers thus erased their ignominious record of finishing at the bottom in...

2009-05-07 17:55:00

~A First for the City, Free Bus Rides are Cricket's Way of Saying Thank You for a Great First Year~ LAS VEGAS, May 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Who says there is no such thing as a free ride? On Wednesday, May 20, from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. city residents will be treated to free bus rides on the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada's (RTC) valley-wide transit system, courtesy of Cricket Communications, Inc, a leading provider of unlimited wireless services. This will mark the first time a...

2009-04-15 09:45:00

STOCKHOLM, April 15 /PRNewswire/ -- SportsPundit.com expects to attract big hitters to play its first online Fantasy Cricket tournament based on the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2009 season. Due to be staged from April 18 to May 24th, over 1000 online teams from global cricket-playing nations have already registered for the exciting competition. Enter here: http://fantasyipl.sportspundit.com The competition's top prize is a trip for two to watch cricket in England in June...

2009-03-25 07:30:00

~Philadelphians Invited to Make the Biggest Calls of their Life on the Guinness World Record-Breaking Samsung Phone~ PHILADELPHIA, March 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Cricket, a leading provider of unlimited wireless services, and Samsung Telecommunications America, (Samsung Mobile) a leading mobile phone distributor in the U.S., will bring the world's largest working cell phone to the Shops at Liberty Place on 16th and Chestnut Streets in Center City Philadelphia today. To celebrate the unveiling of...

2009-03-20 10:24:00

~Winner to Play Match Against Chicago Storm Developmental Team Tormenta de Chicago~ HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill., March 20 /PRNewswire/ -- The true international flavor of both Chicagoland and the sport of soccer will be on display Sunday, March 22, at the first annual Cricket Classic soccer tournament at the Sears Centre Arena. The Chicago Storm, a professional indoor soccer team, and Cricket, the official wireless provider of the Chicago Storm, will bring together ten local adult amateur teams...

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Southern Cricket Frog, Acris gryllus
2013-07-26 13:49:45

The Southern Cricket Frog (Acris gryllus) is a small Hylid frog that is native to the Southeastern United States. It's very similar in appearance and habits to the Northern Cricket Frog, Acris crepitans, and was previously conspecific. The scientific name Acris is from the Greek word for locust, and the species name gryllus is Latin for cricket. The Southern Cricket Frog is approximately 0.75 to 1.5 inches. It has a pointed snout. The hind leg is more than half of the body length when...

2005-09-07 18:59:19

Katydid is the common name of insects belonging to the grasshopper family Tettigoniidae, which contains over 6,800 species. Katydid are also known as "long horned grasshoppers" and "bush crickets." The term "katydid" is used mainly in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. The name "katydid" comes from the sound produced by species of the N. American genus Pterophylla (literally "winged leaf"). The males of katydids have sound-producing (stridulating) organs located on their front wings which in...

2005-08-25 11:12:07

The Jerusalem cricket (Stenopelmatus) is a genus of large, flightless insects native to western United States, along the Pacific Coast, and south into Mexico. Because of its large, human-like head, it is commonly called the nino de la tierra (Spanish for "child of the earth"), or wó see ts'inii (Navajo for "skull insect"). It is also often called the potato bug, or alternatively the old bald-headed man. Despite their name, Jerusalem crickets are not true crickets. Also, Potato bugs are...

2005-08-25 09:40:19

The Orthoptera are an order of insects with incomplete metamorphosis, including the grasshoppers, crickets, locusts, and katydids. Many insects in this order produce sound (known as stridulation) by rubbing their wings against each other or their legs, the wings or legs containing rows of corrugated bumps. Their ears, located in the front legs, are interconnected in such a way that they are able to locate each other by sound. Characteristics Orthopterans have two pairs of wings - the...

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