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15 Tons Of Meth Seized In Mexico
2012-02-10 14:26:24

Mexican troops reportedly seized 15 tons of pure methamphetamine in the western state of Jalisco on Wednesday. The historic seizure was an amount equivalent to half of all meth seizures worldwide in 2009.  Experts say the haul could have supplied 13 million doses worth over $4 billion on U.S. streets. "This could potentially put a huge dent in the supply chain in the U.S," U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) spokesman Rusty Payne said in a statement. "When we're taking this...

2010-10-17 09:15:00

Ciudad Juarez, the notorious Mexican border city at the heart of a wave of brutal drug violence, is home to thousands of drug addicts, and the number continues to climb.Abandoned by authorities, these drug addicts live in fear of gangs who threaten and often kill them for no reason. There has even been brutal killings at drug treatment centers.A drug user who called herself Carla, said these drug gangs will now even "enter houses and kill us. We keep this window open so we can at least try to...

2010-05-19 10:00:00

NEW YORK, May 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Americans and Mexicans have strikingly similar attitudes about the drug war in Mexico, according to a study conducted by Harris Interactive and its global network partner, Indemerc, in early May 2010. Findings from the study will be presented on Wednesday, May 19th at ITESO in Guadalajara, Mexico on the occasion of its International Seminar "Political Communications, Media and Good Governance: A New Era." (Logo:...

2009-04-11 08:00:00

The warring drug cartels along Mexico's border region have begun spreading their violence from the streets to the internet, as drug bosses post brags, threats and gruesome videos to chat rooms and websites. With modern-looking new videos posted on YouTube and Mexican-based websites, drug cartels seek to intimidate enemies and recruit new members, praising the "virtues" of their leaders amidst upbeat music and images of bullet-riddled bodies, says Scott Stewart, VP of tactical intelligence for...

2009-03-26 04:27:00

WASHINGTON, March 26 /PRNewswire/ -- U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has stated that the Obama administration would like to resurrect the Clinton ban on semi-automatic firearms, as well as other gun control laws. One of the reasons for bringing back these unpopular laws, according to Holder, is that Mexican drug cartels are becoming increasingly violent and warring with Mexican government troops. Holder says that some of the guns being used by the Mexican drug mafia are being obtained...

2008-10-05 12:00:08

By Associated Press TIJUANA, Mexico (AP) -- Police have found nine more bodies dumped around the Mexican border city of Tijuana, where nearly 50 people have been killed in a week of violence related to the drug trade. Municipal police found five of the bodies Saturday between two small shopping centers in the eastern part of the city. They had been beaten and had their hands bound. The bodies of two beheaded men were found wrapped in blankets on a road elsewhere in the city, according...

2008-09-12 15:05:00

Mexican drug cartels, finding it harder to smuggle in marijuana, are growing more of their crops in the United States, officials say. Cartels are reported growing their illegal weed in national parks and on other public land, endangering visitors and damaging the environment, USA Today says. John Walters, director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, says 75 to 80 percent of marijuana grown outdoors is on state or federal land. The Drug Enforcement Administration says there were...

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