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2006-12-13 13:00:00

Layers on Mars are yielding history lessons revealed by instruments flying overhead and rolling across the surface.

2006-10-16 15:40:00

For a number of decades now, astronomers have wondered about water on Mars. Thanks to ESA's Mars Express, much of the speculation has been replaced with facts. Launched on June 2 2003, Mars Express has changed the way we think of Mars.

2006-09-12 22:05:00

NASA's newest spacecraft at Mars has completed the challenging half-year task of shaping its orbit to the nearly circular, low-altitude pattern from which it will scrutinize the planet.

2005-09-15 13:05:00

Dr. Jack Farmer of Arizona State University is an astrobiologist whose attention is often focused on Mars. Farmer is a longtime member of a community of scientists working to understand both the geologic history of Mars and the planet's potential to support life.

2005-08-25 06:50:00

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter launched on August 12, and when it arrives at Mars it will search for evidence of water in the martian atmosphere, surface, and subsurface. This orbiter also will provide detailed surveys of the planet, identifying any obstacles that could jeopardize the safety of future landers and rovers.

2005-01-26 07:05:32

Every 26 months, the Solar System's planetary dance brings Mars and Earth closer than usual, providing an ideal chance to launch a mission to the Red Planet. In 2001, NASA's Mars Odyssey launched to study its climate. Two years later, twin Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity began a mission that confirmed water once existed on Mars.

2005-01-07 16:40:00

Even as the Spirit and Opportunity rovers complete a year of successful operation on Mars, the next major step in Mars Exploration is taking shape with preparation of NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter for launch in just seven months.

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