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Facebook Launches Facebook Camera
2012-05-25 04:15:33

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com Facebook is reminding us yet again that they´re serious about their mobile strategy. On Thursday, the recently-public social networking giant released yet another app into the iOS-sphere called Facebook Camera. This standalone app is aimed to make it easier to take, share and view pictures on Facebook from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Facebook´s product manager for photos, Dirk Stoop, told the New York Times that the application is much faster...

Microsoft Joins Social Foray With So.cl Search
2012-05-21 07:33:47

Software giant Microsoft is quietly stepping into the social network game with its official launch of “So.cl” social search site, though the company states it isn´t designed to compete with the likes of Facebook or Google+. So.cl was created with learning in mind. Microsoft´s premiere social search service is designed to explore “the possibilities of social search for the purposes of learning,” reports David Murphy of PCMag. “We expect students to...

Facebook IPO, Final Thoughts
2012-05-19 05:30:21

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com So, we all had a great day on Friday talking about Facebook only slightly more than we already do, and what did we learn? First, it may appear that those who warned against getting too excited about Facebook´s IPO were correct, as reports are now coming in about how the Menlo Park company didn´t perform as well as everyone thought they would during their virginal experience on Wall Street. After all, can an IPO place a real value of the worth of...

Facebook IPO Overshadowed By Multi-billion Dollar Lawsuit
2012-05-19 05:15:44

On what should have been Facebook´s biggest and brightest day, the company´s initial public offering on Friday was overshadowed by an unprecedented $15 billion class action lawsuit filed against the social network for violating its members´ privacy by tracking Internet usage. The action, filed in federal court in San Jose, California, combines 21 cases filed across the US and alleges Facebook violated privacy rights of its some 800 million subscribers by tracking them even...

Facebook Roundup
2012-05-16 03:54:40

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com There´s been a lot happening in the world of Facebook lately. In the days leading up to what is expected to be the largest IPO of any internet company, Facebook is covering some tracks and tightening up a few of their offerings. Have you taken a look at the new mobile version of Facebook in the past day or two? It would appear as if they have used their $1 billion purchase to “borrow” a few design cues from the Instagram app we all know...

Facebook Privacy Policy Changes Hint At Increased Advertising
2012-05-13 04:10:44

Facebook unveiled updates to their social media network's privacy policy on Friday in order to better explain exactly what the website does and does not do with the information of its users. According to Chloe Albanesius of PCMag and Cameron Scott of IDG News, the move comes after a December 2011 audit by the Irish Data Protection Commissioner´s Office (DPC), which called upon Facebook to be more open about what happens to the information that users share on the social media website....

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Kicks Off Cross-country IPO Roadshow
2012-05-08 04:26:29

Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg kicked off a cross-country roadshow at New York City's Sheraton Hotel on Monday, pitching the company´s stock to some 500 prospective investors for an initial public offering expected sometime next week. Wearing his trademark jeans, sweatshirt and sneakers, Zuckerberg and other members of Facebook´s executive team, including chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg and chief financial officer David Ebersman, are seeking to raise about $10.6...

Facebook Addiction Is Real
2012-05-07 11:55:12

It´s easy to see how people can be addicted to social media sites like Facebook. They are incredibly easy-to-use pipelines into the lives of others. Staying connected to Facebook can feel just like being connected to actual people. Noticing the rapid use of Facebook and reliance upon it for human connection, Doctor of Psychology Cecilie Schou Andreassen created a research project called Facebook Addiction at the University of Bergen (UiB). An article detailing the results has been...

Facebook IPO Could Be Worth Record $96 Billion
2012-05-04 10:29:04

Facebook, on the verge of going public, has set its share prices at $28 to $35, a share price that would set the social network´s valuation at close to $87 billion, although many market watchers believe that price will likely rise before the company does go public later this month, according to a regulatory filing released yesterday (May 3). Facebook will begin meeting with investors next week and is scheduled to officially price the offering on May 17, according to Bloomberg Business...

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