Latest Criticism of Facebook Stories

Facebook Makes Privacy Difficult
2012-05-03 13:25:57

In a story which will surprise no one who’s been using Facebook for any length of time, Consumer Reports is saying the social media giant isn’t making their privacy policies clear enough for their 150 million users.

Facebook Dropping The Ball With Its Advertisers
2012-05-03 04:00:23

Various media reports are pointing out that Facebook's advertising business is a tangled mess, which could be a warning to those wanting to invest once the company goes public.

Facebook Introduces Organ Donor Registration
2012-05-01 11:32:38

A new feature unveiled by Facebook today allows users to register as an organ donor and share this news through the web site.

Graduation Year Drives Facebook Connections For College Grads
2012-04-30 10:41:37

Are you connected to college friends on Facebook?

Facebook Apps Scored For Privacy
2012-04-23 12:51:20

On Sunday, PrivacyScore introduced their own Facebook app, designed to measure the privacy score of other apps found within Facebook.

Facebook Modifies Proposed Changes, Solicits User Input
2012-04-22 03:51:22

In an attempt to address user concerns over privacy and the use of their personal information, Facebook announced Friday that they were modifying previously announced changes to their terms of service and would again be accepting feedback from members of the social media website.

2012-04-19 23:02:41

From group communication to file sharing, Facebook's new "Groups for Schools" will change how prospect, student, and alumni use social media. Baltimore,

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