Latest Criticism of Google Stories

Gmail And Google Search Open Again In Iran
2012-10-01 10:55:34

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Late last month, Iran began making moves towards creating their own, filtered version of the Internet in order to protect themselves from outside attacks against their government, military and universities. This self-contained Internet not only allows Iran to tighten down security on their internal networks, it also prevents snooping from outside agencies. Iran´s first move towards this protected Internet was to block...

Google Copyright Case Delayed, For Now
2012-09-18 09:10:52

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online A federal appeals court sided with Google on Monday when it ruled to delay a court challenge to the company´s plans to build a vast digital library. Judge Raymond J. Lohier Jr. of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan granted Google´s request to stay a lower court ruling while an appeals panel considers whether authors of the books should receive class status. The ruling further extends a copyright...

Google Admits To Pulling Videos From YouTube
2012-06-18 10:15:00

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com We know Google operates internationally, allowing people from all over the world to have access to some form of a wealth of information. But how do these countries and governments feel about their citizens having this kind of access? For the past two years, Google has been issuing a “Transparency Report” detailing which governments have asked to have content removed. Some of these requests are granted, such as the removal of videos which...

Britain Re-opens Google Street View Probe
2012-06-14 05:34:37

Google will likely 'escape punishment' for gathering private emails, passwords, medical data, web browsing details and other private information from millions of Britons as it mapped out areas of the country in its fleet of Street View vehicles, experts say. The Internet search giant released sworn declarations from nine engineers involved in the controversial Street View project, who said they were unaware that Street View had been designed to collect such private data. The documents...

Concerns Erupt Over Google Cloud Service
2012-04-26 09:11:26

Lawrence LeBlond for RedOrbit.com Google´s new online storage service released this week drew sharp criticism from tech firms and bloggers due to the fact its controversial privacy policy will allow the Internet search giant to have unchecked access to all your stored content. Google´s updated integrated privacy policy, which took effect on March 1, covers all aspects of Google services, including the new Google Drive. The policy states that some of its services allow users...

Google Slapped With Guilty Verdict For Misleading Ads
2012-04-03 11:47:00

Google Inc. on Tuesday was found guilty in an Australian court for “deceptive” conduct by allowing misleading advertisements to be shown in Internet search results on its pages, after an appeal was upheld by the country´s competition regulator. Google initially won a case brought by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) last September over claims that its sponsored links within search results were misleading. But that ruling was overturned by three...

2012-03-29 15:23:53

Following the much discussed changes to their privacy policy earlier this month, Google unveiled a new feature on Wednesday that allows users of its 60+ websites and web tools to receive monthly updates showing a summary of their use of the search giant´s numerous services. For the new feature, dubbed simply Account Activity, participating users receive an e-mail link to a secure, password-protected webpage where their personal report is displayed. Opening the official blog-post...

2012-03-12 16:46:49

While the political debate over Web privacy is just warming up in the US, a British watchdog group argues that Google´s recently revised privacy policy conflicts with the UK´s Data Protection Act. At a conference held last Thursday in Westminster, England´s deputy Information Commissioner David Smith called Google´s new privacy terms “too vague.” In what it insists was a change intended to streamline and personalize the user´s Internet...

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