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Pew Survey Shows Google Is Dominant Search Engine Despite Privacy Concerns
2012-03-10 06:58:09

Jedidiah Becker for RedOrbit.com A survey released Friday by the Pew Internet & American Life Project indicates that the vast majority of Internet users are satisfied with the quality of their search engine and, not surprisingly, the majority of those satisfied users are faithful Googlephiles (yes, it´s now in the Urban Dictionary). Despite a growing chorus of concerns surrounding the company´s data-collection practices and alleged violations of privacy, the Pew telephone...

Google’s All-in-one Privacy Policy Goes Into Effect Today
2012-03-01 09:22:03

Despite stiff opposition and a warning from the European Union (EU) over possible law violations, Internet search giant Google has moved forward with its planned privacy policy changes that will centralize all the data it holds on particular individuals, claiming the changes will allow it to deliver better search results. Google merged 60 guidelines for its individual sites into a single policy. The new change means private data collected by Google can now be shared with its other services...

Advocates Call For FTC Investigation Into Google Privacy Violations
2012-02-09 09:47:55

Google´s plans to tie together data of users across services beginning in March has resulted in privacy advocates filing a federal lawsuit in the US District Court of the District of Columbia this week. The lawsuit hopes to force government officials to punish Google over the plans, reports Byron Acohido for USA Today. The complaint, by the Electronic Privacy and Information Center (EPIC), says Google violates a settlement agreement the company struck with the Federal Trade Commission...

Privacy Changes For Google Services Are Ruffling Feathers
2012-02-02 09:49:32

Search giant Google has previously announced changes in its privacy  policies starting on March 1 of this year. It is expected to fold 60 of its 70 existing product-privacy policies into one blanket policy which users cannot opt out of. Google will also treat any user with an account who signs into its search services, YouTube, Gmail or its other services as the same individual across those services and it is expected to share data between those services, reports Nicholas Kolakowski...

2012-01-27 13:44:32

A U.S. congressman announced Thursday that he and several colleagues would request a formal inquiry examining whether Google´s new policies for managing users´ personal data violate current Federal Trade Commission regulations. A group of eight legislators spearheaded by Massachusetts Representative Edward Markey recently penned a letter to Google´s top brass in which they claimed they were worried about the privacy of consumer data under the Internet giant´s planned...

Google Recruits The Muppets To Advertise Google+ Hangouts
2011-12-26 09:30:30

Google, looking for new ideas to promote Google+ Hangouts on TV, has recruited the help of some of America´s favorite television icons -- The Muppets. While you won´t actually be able to add Kermit or Miss Piggy to your Circles, you can at least pretend what that experience would be like thanks to a new TV spot Google is running. The ad features The Muppets using Google+ for an improvised band session, rocking out to a cover of Queen/David Bowie´s “Under...

Feds Flood Google With Requests For User Data: Report
2011-10-26 04:37:26

The federal government has stepped up its requests to Google for personal information about its users, with the number of such requests rising 29 percent over the past six months, according to a Google transparency report released on Tuesday describing the company´s dealings with authorities around the world. Google began issuing the biannual report last year, which gives a country-by-country snapshot of its legal dealings with authorities, following a high-profile clash with China's...

Google In Regulatory Hot Water
2011-08-30 05:17:27

  Google agreed late last week to a $500 million settlement, the amount made in illegal advertising, in a US Justice Department probe focusing on Canadian pharmacies advertising to American customers through Google´s AdSense program. The Canadian pharmacies had been selling prescription drugs without a doctor´s order to customers in the US, a violation of federal law. According to Forbes, government investigators sorted through more than four million documents and found...

2011-03-31 05:15:00

Google Inc. said on Wednesday that it would begin giving users the option to personally endorse search results and online ads. The so-called "+1" button is the search giant's latest attempt to harness social networking features by making it easier for its users to share their recommendations with online contacts formed through other Google services, such as Gmail. The new button appeared alongside Google search results for select users on Wednesday, and will give users the ability to...

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