Latest cryogenic processor Stories

2014-06-30 23:01:20

Aftermarket automotive and fleet vehicle manufacturers grow fond of increased life for premium parts; as part of this trend, 300 Below, Inc. continues to grow its processing capacity. For metal objects, 300% longer life for 20% cost is the norm; as the world’s leading cryogenic processing company, 300 Below has grown its processing capacity to 7.68 million pounds of steel per year. Decatur, IL (PRWEB) June 30, 2014 It’s not just Detroit that sees the value of cryogenic processing....

2014-05-31 23:01:27

Cryogenic tempering is growing in popularity as manufacturing margins shrink and companies pursue new cost saving methodologies, with an average of 300% longer life on wearable components obtained for only 20% cost of the items. With 1 million+ pounds of metals treated annually, and recent cryogenic processors (ultra-low temperature freezer units) installed into Japan and Singapore, 300 Below, Inc. seeks brand expansion and service opportunities for manufacturing clients in Malaysia and...

2014-05-31 23:00:28

Manufacturers and industrial operations in Illinois seek increased life for metal components through cryogenic tempering, an extension of the heat treatment process for wearable components that results in 300% longer life for 20% cost of the item. 300 Below, Inc. is the pioneer in this industry and has grown its processing capacity by 200,000 pounds per month for cryogenic processing services, following a typical processing capacity of one million pounds per year. Decatur, IL (PRWEB) June...

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