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New App Puts Ice Data At Your Fingertips
2012-01-04 07:54:10

Discover ESA´s ice mission, track it in real time and obtain the latest measurements with the new CryoSat application. CryoSat is measuring the thickness of polar sea ice and monitoring changes in the ice sheets that blanket Greenland and Antarctica. The CryoSat iPhone and iPad application — or CryoSatApp — is now available at Apple's App Store. CryoSatApp´s main menu provides access to four sections: mission description, a 3D model of the satellite, position...

Image 1 - CryoSat Rides New Waves
2011-12-23 04:10:38

ESA´s CryoSat mission has been gathering detailed information on the thickness of Earth´s ice since its launch in 2010. Through international collaboration, this state-of-the-art mission is soon to be used to monitor conditions at sea for marine forecasting. CryoSat was built to measure tiny variations in the thickness of Earth´s ice. As a result, the mission is providing scientists with the data they need to help improve our understanding of the relationship between ice,...

SMOS Versatility Offers Sea Ice Mapping
2011-12-21 04:27:20

ESA´s SMOS mission is proving to be extremely versatile. Not only does this pioneering satellite offer crucial data on soil moisture and ocean salinity, but it can also map the thickness of ice floating in the polar seas. The Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) satellite carries an innovative passive microwave radiometer to capture images of ℠brightness temperature´. These images correspond to microwave radiation emitted from Earth´s surface and can be related to...

Image 1 - Antarctic Expedition Checks CryoSat Data
2011-12-10 04:41:07

Next week marks 100 years since Roald Amundsen reached the South Pole. As a team of scientists brave the Antarctic to validate data from ESA´s CryoSat mission, it´s hard to imagine what these first intrepid explorers would have thought of today´s advances in polar science. The remote and vast expanse of the Antarctic is arguably the most hostile environment on Earth — infamously claiming the lives of Captain Robert Scott and his party all those years ago in their fated...

2011-11-07 08:53:13

Space as a key sector for Europe and its citizens will be the subject of a conference that will be held on 8 & 9 November at the Hemicycle of the European Parliament. The Conference, organized with the participation of ESA, is placed under the high patronage of the President of the European Parliament, Mr Jerzy Buzek, the President of the European Commission, Mr José Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Council, Mr Herman von Rompuy, and the Vice-President of the...

2011-10-25 03:22:26

The World Climate Research Programs Open Science Conference begins today in Denver, USA. The week-long event brings together climate scientists from over 80 countries to discuss the latest findings on climate and identify pressing questions. Held 24—28 October in downtown Denver, Colorado, the conference aims to improve our understanding and prediction of natural and human-influenced climate change from small regions to the entire planet. The 1700 scientists will focus on how...

Image 1 - CryoSat Rocking And Rolling
2011-10-18 03:08:45

[ Watch the Video ] ESA´s ice satellite is rolling left and right in orbit to help it continue its precise measurements of the vast ice sheets that blanket Greenland and Antarctica. Since its launch 18 months ago, CryoSat-2 has been collecting data to improve our understanding of the relationship between ice and climate. Just this year, the first map of Arctic sea-ice thickness was unveiled, and the satellite will continue to monitor the changing ice for years to come. To...

Greenland And The Netherlands Look To CryoSat For Answers On Ice
2011-10-17 07:54:30

As the impact of climate change is felt in the Arctic, ESA´s CryoSat ice mission is highlighted as a source of vital information at an exhibition in the Netherlands opened by HRH the Prince of Orange. The exhibition, called Roots2Share, opened on 13 October at the museum of culture and science, Museon, in The Hague. The aim of the exhibition is to highlight the cultural relationship between Greenland and the Netherlands and their interests in understanding more about the Arctic and...

Image 1- Arctic Ice Closes In On Record Low
2011-09-14 07:15:20

  A new record low could soon be set for ice in the Arctic. The past five years have seen the lowest extent of sea ice since satellite measurements began in the 1970s. Earth observing satellites make it possible to measure the amount of sea ice in inaccessible areas such as the Arctic. This year, the extent of Arctic sea ice is comparable to the record low set in 2007. According to scientists at the University of Bremen in Germany, sea ice extent in early September has...

2011-06-21 10:50:00

The European Space Agency (ESA) released the first map of sea-ice thickness from its CryoSat mission Tuesday at the Paris Air and Space Show. The CryoSat spacecraft sits at an altitude of 434 miles above the Earth delivering precise measurements to study changes in the thickness of Earth's ice. ESA said that in order to fully understand how climate change is affecting the polar regions there is a need to determine exactly how the thickness of the ice is changing. CryoSat initially launched...

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