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2010-10-05 15:12:05

Newly released report finds younger women have greater 'carotenoid gap' in the diet than older women Only about a third of American women are meeting their fruit and vegetable intake recommendations, which means they are likely missing out on potentially important breast and ovarian health benefits (1). Along with vitamins, minerals and fiber, fruits and vegetables contain a type of phytonutrient called carotenoids, which research suggests help support women's health including breast and...

2006-03-23 11:40:00

By Amy Norton NEW YORK -- Contrary to what some smokers may hope, antioxidants and other vitamins seem to offer no protection against lung cancer, new research suggests. In an analysis of eight previous studies, researchers found no evidence that vitamins A, C, E or folate lower a person's risk of lung cancer. Across the studies, which followed thousands of adults for up to 16 years, people with the highest intakes of the vitamins were no less likely to develop lung cancer than those with the...

2005-08-17 01:50:00

NEW YORK -- Drinking a glass of orange juice a day may help stave off arthritis, new research suggests. Certain carotenoids, compounds commonly found in some fruits and vegetables, appear to be responsible. The findings from previous studies have suggested that dietary carotenoids, the chemicals responsible for the orange and yellow coloring of fruits and vegetables, can reduce inflammation through antioxidant effects. Dr. Alan J. Silman, from The University of Manchester in the UK, and...

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