Latest Cuba – United States relations Stories

2006-08-15 16:48:14

By Anthony Boadle HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuba's armed forces, a one-time guerrilla outfit that became the communist country's most efficient and business-savvy institution, will play a crucial role whatever happens after Fidel Castro, experts on Cuba say.

2006-08-14 16:43:34

By Anthony Boadle HAVANA (Reuters) - Photos of ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro in a hospital bed have brought home to Cubans the prospect that the man who has decided most aspects of their lives for 47 years may never be the same.

2006-08-14 17:14:20

HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuban state television on Monday showed the first images of ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro receiving a bedside visit from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and his brother Raul Castro.

2006-08-14 13:31:03

By Jane Sutton MIAMI (Reuters) - Cuban exiles in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood clung to hope on Monday that their old enemy was nearly gone, and said they suspected photos of Fidel Castro released this weekend were fakes.

2006-08-14 10:17:05

By Anthony Boadle HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuba's ailing Fidel Castro received a bedside visit from his main ally, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the Communist Party newspaper Granma said on Monday, as it published pictures of the two leftist leaders.

2006-08-13 15:22:03

By Anthony Boadle HAVANA (Reuters) - Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro appeared in photographs published on Sunday to reassure Cubans he was still alive on his 80th birthday while his brother Raul made his first public appearance since becoming acting president.

2006-08-13 14:25:10

By Anthony Boadle HAVANA (Reuters) - A Cuban newspaper published photographs of ailing Fidel Castro on his 80th birthday on Sunday, the first since he ceded power two weeks ago to brother Raul, who made his first public appearance as Cuba's leader.

2006-08-13 07:36:11

By Anthony Boadle HAVANA (Reuters) - A Cuban newspaper on Sunday published the first photographs of Fidel Castro since his stomach surgery and the Cuban leader said he had stabilized "considerably" but was not out of the woods.

2006-08-13 01:10:00

By Anthony Boadle HAVANA (Reuters) - Cubans wished Fidel Castro a happy 80th birthday on Sunday even though the ailing leader has not been seen or heard in public since ceding power to his brother two weeks ago after stomach surgery.

2006-08-12 13:17:38

CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said he would visit ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro in Havana on Saturday night for Castro's 80th birthday. Castro handed over the reins of power in late July to his younger brother Raul following abdominal surgery.

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