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2011-11-30 14:53:11

A University of Adelaide scientist says much more could be done to predict the likelihood and spread of serious disease - such as tuberculosis (TB) or foot-and-mouth disease - in Australian wildlife and commercial stock. Professor Corey Bradshaw and colleagues have evaluated freely available software tools that provide a realistic prediction of the spread of disease among animals. They used a combination of models to look at the possible spread of TB among feral water buffalo in the...

Culling Won’t Help Tasmanian Devil Populations
2011-10-05 08:45:59

Populations of Tasmanian devils in parts of Australia are suffering from Devil Facial Tumor Disease (DFTD) that has wiped out more than 90 percent of individual animals in some areas. Because of this, the animals have been the subject of a culling, or a purposeful killing of a large number of the animals, with hopes of removing the cancer from the general population. Conservation biologists began the cull in 2004. However a study in the Journal of Applied Ecology confirms that the...

2011-07-14 08:40:40

Localized badger culling in response to bovine tuberculosis (TB) outbreaks increases the risk of infection in nearby herds, according to a new analysis. The study, by researchers at the Medical Research Council (MRC) Centre for Outbreak Analysis and Modelling at Imperial College London, was published July 13 in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters. The findings come as the Government prepares to decide whether to license farmers to organize the widespread culling of badgers over areas of...

2010-02-11 08:20:03

Badger culling is unlikely to be a cost-effective way of helping control cattle TB in Britain, according to research published today in PLoS ONE. The authors of the study, from Imperial College London and the Zoological Society of London, say their findings suggest that the benefits of repeated widespread badger culling, in terms of reducing the incidence of cattle TB, disappear within four years after the culling has ended. Bovine tuberculosis (bTB) is a disease in cattle that has a serious...

2009-10-04 08:23:11

Environmentalists and animals rights activists were furious Friday when a group of eastern grey kangaroos were culled on one of Australia's race car tracks due to safety risks, according to an AFP report. The local council said it authorized the 140 eastern grey kangaroos to be shot on the mountain for the first time this year. The cull, carried out under license from the NSW Parks and Wildlife Service, has at least halved the areas kangaroo population, according to the NSW Government...

2009-04-11 07:10:00

Friday, Slovenian authorities said that they are going to cull 70 brown bears and 10 wolves this year to help maintain a balanced wildlife population, but the hunting quota was markedly less than past records. "The current population of both species in Slovenia is rather favorable. They have enough living space and appropriate living conditions without any natural enemies," Environment Minister Karl Erjavec said. According to the environment ministry, Slovenia's bear population is thought to...

2009-02-13 13:53:49

A British ecologist says lynx should be reintroduced in parts of Britain to help cull deer that are destroying crops and woodlands. David MacDonald of Oxford University's Wildlife Conservation Research Unit said the lynx, hunted to extinction in Britain 500 years ago, are no danger to humans, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday. The report said there are estimated to be more than 2 million deer in Britain, the largest number in 1,000 years. While 350,000 are culled each year by hunters,...

2008-07-08 08:05:00

Britain's environmental secretary has confirmed the government will not be issuing licenses to cull cattle tuberculosis (TB). Hilary Benn made the remarks in a Commons statement, and acknowledged that although a broad-based cull might improve the situation, it could also worsen the problem. The details about the decision were made public in a BBC News report, which said Britain's National Farmers' Union (NFU) is seeking legal advice about the situation. The disease affected approximately...

2008-05-19 00:50:00

Despite the prevention of a cull of kangaroos six weeks ago by media attention and widespread protests, it inevitably (according to the RSPCA) began on Monday on Commonwealth Defense land. According to those who are carrying out the killings, they are necessary due to not only an overpopulation at the Belconnen Naval Transmission site near Canberra, but also to the possibility of the kangaroos starving this winter. More than four times the sustainable level of kangaroos live at the site...

2008-04-09 04:10:00

A tuberculosis outbreak in Welsh cattle as resulted in a "targeted cull" of badgers to eradicate the disease. Details and location of the cull have not been announced. According to rural affairs minister Elin Jones, the Welsh Assembly Government's plan includes a one-off test of all cattle and a review of the compensation system Wales' chief veterinary officer said bovine TB was out of control and the current policy was not working. Incidents of TB in cattle have increased dramatically and...

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2013-08-21 08:18:13

Culling is a term used for separating the good from the bad and discarding the bad with the cull being the rejected items. Culling is used to improve the desired group with specific characteristics to improve the group. Culling is used for strengthening a livestock herd and the culled animals are destroyed. When breeding pedigree animals, the culled are spayed or neutered. This prevents the undesirable trait of the animal from being bred with other animals.  Plant life is also...

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