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2013-09-09 23:01:16

Attorney Jason Waechter discusses stray dogs in Detroit, Michigan, the dangers they pose to the public, and upcoming survey of stray dogs in the city. Detroit, MI (PRWEB) September 09, 2013 There is no doubt that stray dogs are a fact of life in the City of Detroit. Recent news reports suggest that the number of strays roaming Detroit's streets could be into the tens of thousands, though as yet there is no definitive number available. The issue has had so much media attention in the...

2012-01-02 15:30:00

Dog bite-related fatalities have always been exceedingly rare, yet they can attract the kind of publicity that creates an impression they are more prevalent than they actually are. NCRC is currently investigating 31 incidents in a dog population of over 78 million that occurred during 2011 that may qualify as dog bite-related fatalities. A final tally is subject to change as a result of NCRC investigations.* A number of cases have very little information available as they remain the subject...

2011-01-05 00:00:39

Cur-OST®- all natural anti-inflammatory supplement which helps to reduce pain, improves quality of life and reduces dependence on prescription pain medications in horses and dogs afflicted with arthritis, laminitis and other inflammatory conditions. Cur-OST® is clinically proven and research supported. Jonesville, NC (PRWEB) January 4, 2011 Arthritis in horses and dogs is a debilitating condition resulting in tremendous suffering, pain and loss of function. Nouvelle Veterinary...

2010-11-09 14:03:41

Dogs attack face and eyes As dog bites become an increasingly major public health concern, a new study shows that unsupervised children are most at risk for bites, that the culprits are usually family pets and if they bite once, they will bite again with the second attack often more brutal than the first. The study, the largest of its kind, was done by Vikram Durairaj, MD, of the University of Colorado School of Medicine, who found that dogs usually target a child's face and eyes and most...

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