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2008-01-24 14:05:00

Mt. Lykaion Excavation and Survey Project Finds Early Activity Atop Arcadia's Famous Mountain The Greek traveler, Pausanias, living in the second century, CE, would probably recognize the spectacular site of the Sanctuary of Zeus at Mt. Lykaion, and particularly the altar of Zeus. At 4,500 feet above sea level, atop the altar provides a breathtaking, panoramic vista of Arcadia. "On the highest point of the mountain is a mound of earth, forming an altar of Zeus Lykaios, and from it most of...

2006-02-16 11:50:47

By Silvia Aloisi ROME (Reuters) - It's one of the world's most famous archaeological sites but it's also, literally, falling apart. Experts fear the remains of Rome's Palatine Hill, where emperors built lavish residences, are becoming dangerously unstable and pose an increasing risk to the four million tourists who visit the central Rome site each year. Years of neglect and poor preservation mean that many buildings in the city's open-air ancient forum are gradually eroding, while...

2004-11-30 18:00:06

PITTSBURGH - A man who botched the castration of a transgendered woman will spend the next three years on probation. "I have no intention of doing this again to animals or humans," Douglas Lenhart, 49, told Allegheny County Judge John Zottola on Monday. "I'm completely out of this. Completely done." Zottola sentenced Lenhart to jail time he had already served and will let him serve his probation in Kansas City, Kan., where he now lives. In July, Lenhart acknowledged trying to castrate...

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