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2012-01-27 16:14:59

At a London conference this week that brought together military experts on cyber security from around the world, U.S. Army Lieutenant General Rhett Hernandez spoke of plans to create a “world-class cyber warrior force.” Its purpose, he stated, would be to create a task force of some 10,000 “cyber warriors” to challenge the “growing, evolving and sophisticated” threats to cyber security. Reporters from the BBC current events program Newsnight were invited...

2011-12-15 14:00:00

To celebrate the launch of the Enterprise Cyber Security & Information Assurance Summit taking place in San Jose, CA, USA, FC Business Intelligence are releasing some exclusive podcasts recorded with their host organization The Global Institute of Cyber Security & Research (GICSR) and the Industry Information Analysis and Sharing Centre. The first of these hard hitting podcasts covering enterprise cyber security and critical infrastructure protection can be accessed from the...

World’s Oil Supply Threatened By Cyber Attacks
2011-12-13 12:29:29

Shell Oil IT manager Ludolf Luehmann recently expressed fears of increasing numbers and sophistication of cyber attacks on the oil industry at the World Petroleum Conference in Doha, Qatar. He said the hacks were motivated by both commercial and criminal intent and that a “new dimension” of attack which could leave physical machinery at serious risk, Daniel Fineren of Reuters is reporting. “It will cost lives and it will cost production, it will cost money, cause fires...

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