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2010-04-02 09:47:30

Tomorrow's fragrant bouquets and colorful potted plants might last longer, thanks to floriculture research by Agricultural Research Service (ARS) plant physiologist Cai-Zhong Jiang.

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Flowers of a Cyclamen repandum
2014-01-10 14:51:48

Cyclamen repandum is a flowering plant species. The species is a member of the Myrsinaceae family. The name “repandum” is derived from the Latin word, meaning “bent back”. This name refers to the flower’s petals. C. repandum plants can be found in southern Europe and scattered throughout the Mediterranean Islands, specifically in southeastern France, Italy, and Serbia and on Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily. The plant is found growing in rocky areas, shrublands and woodlands. The...

Creaton Sowbread, Cyclamen creticum
2014-01-10 14:31:50

Cyclamen creticum is a perennial herb species; perennial meaning long lasting. The species may also be commonly referred to as the Cretan Sowbread. The small plant is a member of the Primulaceae family. Although not official, some authorities refer to C. creticum as a subspecies of the Cyclamen repandum species. C. creticum grows only approximately 5.91 inches tall. Its leaves are more wide than long and appear heart-shaped. The species’ leaves are deep green and have a red/purple...

Ivy-leaved cyclamen, Cyclamen hederifolium
2014-01-08 20:50:15

Cyclamen hederifolium is a flowering plant species that belongs to the Myrsinaceae family. It is widely cultivated, and is the most widespread of the Cyclamen species. It is commonly referred to as the Ivy-leaved cyclamen or Sowbread. C. hederifolium is a tuberous plant. A tuber is a modified plant structure that is enlarged to store nutrients. It produces roots from its top and sides, leaving a bare base. The tuber enlarges with age. Older plants may have tubers growing more than 10...

Persian cyclamen, Cyclamen persicum
2014-01-08 20:39:58

Cyclamen persicum is a flowering, herbaceous plant from the Myrsinaceae family. It is commonly referred to as the Persian cyclamen. C. persicum is a tuberous plant. A tuber is a modified plant structure that is enlarged to store nutrients. The flowers and leaves come from buds at the top of the tuber. Roots emerge from the sides and bottom. Wild specimens have heart-shaped leaves that grow as long as 6 inches. They are usually green in color, with a light green marbling effect on the...

Cyclamen mirabile flowers
2014-01-08 20:31:36

Cyclamen mirabile is a perennial plant species that was first identified and named in 1906. The species is a member of the Myrsinaceae family. C. mirabile is indigenous to southwestern Turkey and can be found in the Turkish pine woodland and maquis shrubland. C. mirabile develops a flattened, round tuber. This tuber is a swollen structure of the plant intended to store the plant’s nutrients through the winter or dry months. The C. mirabile species has wide, heart-shaped leaves. Leaves...

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