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2010-08-04 14:34:23

Cocaine-associated 'cues' less likely to lead to relapse with behavioral therapy and memory drug, animal study suggests A memory-boosting medication paired with behavioral therapy might help addicts stay clean, according to new animal research in the Aug. 4 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience. The study suggests D-cycloserine, previously used in the lab to treat fear and anxiety disorders, could help an addict resist drugs even when confronted with drug-related cues outside of rehab....

2008-04-12 06:00:00

For a half-century, D-cycloserine has led a quiet, workmanlike existence as an antibiotic, primarily for tuberculosis in developing countries. Its patent has long since expired, and its popularity has waned as newer antibiotics have appeared. But D-cycloserine might now get a second act: A growing number of researchers say the drug could transform the way doctors treat a range of psychiatric ailments, including anxiety, phobia and obsessive-compulsive disorder. It could also help alleviate...

2006-03-29 12:15:00

NEW YORK -- Research suggests that D-cycloserine may be a good adjunct to exposure-based therapy in individuals with social anxiety disorder, a debilitating condition marked by an excessive fear and avoidance of situations in which a person feels he or she will be judged by others, such as public speaking or even eating in front of others. Exposure therapy, which is commonly used to combat social phobia, relies on extinction to treat the fears underlying the disorder. Lead investigator Dr....

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