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Antimicrobial Drugs Could Come From Eye Proteins
2012-09-25 06:26:24

Connie K. Ho for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley recently discovered that fragments of keratin protein in the eye have the power to prevent pathogens and could possibly be used to develop new antimicrobial drugs. In the study, the group of vision scientists tested synthetic versions of the keratin fragments against pathogens. They discovered that the synthetic fragments were able to eliminate the bacteria that could have...

2012-09-24 22:15:32

Exposed tissue surfaces, including skin and mucous membranes, are under constant threat of attack by microorganisms in the environment. The layer of cells that line these areas, known as epithelial cells, are the first line of defense against these pathogens, but the underlying molecular mechanisms that allow them to repel microbes are unknown. In this issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, report that epithelial cells in the...

2011-03-24 13:26:32

Avian embryos could join the list of model organisms used to study a specific type of cell migration called epiboly, thanks to the results of a study published this month in the journal Developmental Dynamics. The new study provides insights into the mechanisms of epiboly, a developmental process involving mass movement of cells as a sheet, which is linked with medical conditions that include wound healing and cancer. The study, published online on March 15, explains how epithelial cells...

2007-11-13 06:00:23

By Halldorsson, Skarphedinn Asgrimsson, Valthor; Axelsson, Ivar; Gudmundsson, Gudmundur Hrafn; Steinarsdottir, Margret; Baldursson, Olafur; Gudjonsson, Thorarinn Abstract Due to the cellular complexity of the airway epithelium, it is important to carefully define bronchial cell lines that capture the phenotypic traits of a particular cell type. We describe the characterization of a human bronchial epithelial cell line, VA10. It was established by transfection of primary bronchial epithelial...

2007-08-16 06:16:45

By Liu, Lina Qian, Junqi; Singh, Harpreet; Meiers, Isabelle; Et al Context.-The separation of chromophobe renal cell carcinoma, oncocytoma, and clear cell renal cell carcinoma using light microscopy remains problematic in some cases. Objective.-To determine a practical immunohistochemical panel for the differential diagnosis of chromophobe carcinoma. Design.-Vimentin, glutathione S-transferase alpha (GST-alpha), CD10, CD117, cytokeratin (CK) 7, and epithelial cell adhesion molecule...

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