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2009-01-21 12:02:01

The Daily Mail & General Trust said the sale of the Evening Standard, one of Britain's leading newspapers to a former KGB officer, would save the publication. Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev, once a lieutenant colonel with the Soviet KGB, is set to purchase controlling interest the Evening Standard, The Times of London reported Wednesday. With the sale, the Daily Mail & General Trust will own 24.9 percent of Evening Press, the company formed by Lebedev and his son Evgeny Lebedev,...

2009-01-03 15:32:49

Heather Mills, ex-wife of British singer Paul McCartney, is furious over a lawsuit filed against her by her former nanny, her friends say. Unidentified friends of Mills, who received a $35.3 million divorce settlement from McCartney in 2008, said the 40-year-old was outraged when she learned of the suit filed by Sara Trumble, the Daily Mail reported Friday. Trumble's lawsuit, filed in the British county of Kent, alleges she suffered sexual discrimination, intimidation and constructive...

2008-12-10 15:09:31

Conservatives in Britain's Parliament had a good laugh at Prime Minister Gordon Brown's slip when he said his financial rescue plan had saved the world. The Daily Mail reported Wednesday Brown quickly corrected himself and said the program had merely saved the banking system, but his explanation was as effective as trying to unring a bell. We not only worked with other countries to save the world's banking system but not one depositor actually lost any money in Britain, Brown declared at...

2008-11-24 18:33:16

The man Boy George is accused of handcuffing to a bedroom wall is a model and escort the British pop star arranged to photograph, a court was told. Boy George, whose real name is George O'Dowd, is accused of falsely imprisoning Audun Carlsen in his London apartment after the two had a falling out over erotic pictures O'Dowd had taken of Carlsen last year after they met on the Gaydar Web site, the Daily Mail said the court heard. Carlsen reportedly managed to escape a short time later and...

2008-10-03 15:00:11

A man accused of blogging about the fictional rape and slaying of the pop group Girls Aloud is being prosecuted under Britain's Obscene Publications Act. The Daily Mail said the case involving Darryn Walker, a 35-year-old civil servant, is considered the first real test of the 1959 law since pornographic material has become widely available on the Internet. Walker is accused of posting a violence-themed article about the girl group on a fantasy porn Web site. Although the Web site has a...

2008-10-01 21:00:11

By TOM HINDMAN/DAILY MAIL PHOTO Chelle Davis and her son Knash, 2, from Cane Fork, take a stroll at Kanawha State Forest to savor the last bit of summer-like weather. Their dogs, Bonnie and Clyde, splash around in the pond. (c) 2008 Charleston Daily Mail. Provided by ProQuest LLC. All rights Reserved.

2008-09-28 00:00:22

Branson soothed Intriguing to see Sir Richard Branson - so often mocked by the 'Daily Mail' - given a two-page spread to plug his book. Could the coverage have anything to do with the apology written two days earlier under a letter from Sir Richard complaining about being misquoted? The serialisation must have been the icing on the cake. Two-way 'Mirror' After 'The Sun' sponsored a conference debate, "Broken Britain", the 'Daily Mirror' ran a leader retorting "Broken Britain is a...

2008-09-09 18:00:25

By BOB WOJCIESZAK/DAILY MAIL PHOTO A traveling exhibit on John Henry is on display through Sept. 19 in the lobby of Verizon's headquarters on MacCorkle Avenue. The exhibit features information about the legendary steel driver who bested a steam drill in a contest believed to have occurred in the 1870s during construction of the Big Bend Tunnel in Summers County. (c) 2008 Charleston Daily Mail. Provided by ProQuest LLC. All rights Reserved.

2008-09-01 06:00:24

By Nathalie Thomas THE row over the private sector's involvement in Royal Mail will step up a gear this week when Postcomm presses the Government to reassure investors they won't be responsible for the service's GBP 3.4bn pensions black hole. But postal unions have already lambasted the proposal as allowing the private sector to cherry-pick the profitable parts of the service while leaving postal workers uncertain about their retirements. Nigel Stapleton, chairman of the postal...

2008-08-07 18:01:12

Britain's Office of Fair Trading charged four current and former British Airways executives with price fixing Thursday, officials said. The four were charged with fixing fuel surcharges on long-distance passenger flights, The Daily Mail reported Thursday. The four include head of sales Andrew Crawley and former executives Martin George, Iain Burns and Alan Burnett. Regulators allege the four colluded with rival airline Virgin Atlantic executives, who weren't charged due to Virgin...

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