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2009-03-31 14:51:00

Federal court rules that truthful information regarding organic production practices may not be explicitly shared with consumers on product labels in Ohio GREENFIELD, Mass., March 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Consumers in Ohio and elsewhere who are seeking to avoid milk and other dairy products produced with synthetic growth hormones will only be able to discern how their food was produced by looking for the organic label, according to the Organic Trade Association (OTA), the leading voice for the $17...

2009-01-28 16:30:00

A researcher at England's Newcastle University says cows with names tend to be happier and more productive than their nameless fellow cows. Dr.

2008-12-06 09:05:00

A new proposal to charge farmers fees for greenhouse gases emitted by their animals’ belching and flatulence is one of several plans under consideration by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

2008-11-06 15:55:00

Researchers in Argentina have discovered a way to make cows produce more milk by injecting them with a synthetic bovine growth hormone, known as bovine somatotropin, produced by cloned and genetically modified dairy cows.

2008-09-25 15:00:39

By WICKHAM, Ian IT'S all about the price of feed. Historically, dairy farmers have always faced a conundrum -- especially in New Zealand.

2008-09-24 14:58:16

In a letter addressed to cofounders of Ben and Jerry’s Homemade Inc., Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) called for the ice cream makers to replace cow’s milk with human breast milk.

2008-08-25 09:01:57

BELLEVILLE, ON, Aug. 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. (TSX: BNC), a research-based, technology-driven Canadian biopharmaceutical company, announced today that its U.S.

2008-08-13 15:00:41

By MORGAN, Jon Drought and the dairy boom have combined to cause a 23 per cent drop in export lamb numbers this year - a shortfall that could cost the country $450 million in lost income.

2008-08-13 00:00:20

Move over horse power, cow power could be the next big thing! The California State Fair today announced that the event will host the first known amusement ride powered entirely by cow manure.

2008-08-05 09:00:40

  Rick Lundquist As I write this, I'm bidding farewell to another 111 degree day in Arizona. Yesterday, I walked a 4,000 cow dry lot dairy from one end to the other observing cows.

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Canadienne Cattle
2014-07-14 11:38:56

The Canadienne is a breed of dairy cattle that originated in Canada during the 1600s. It also goes by the names Black Canadienne, French Canadienne and Black Jersey and are the only dairy cattle developed in Canada. It is believed the Canadienne is decedents of the Guernsey, Jersey and Kerry cattle breeds. In 1850 the majority of the cattle were Canadienne so breeding of them was discouraged. In 1886, a herd book was established and the French Canadian Cattle Breeder’s Association was...

British Friesian Cattle
2014-07-12 11:44:10

The British Friesian is a breed of cattle from the United Kingdom. The modern British Friesian dominated the dairy cattle population from the 1950s through the 1980s. Stock as well as semen were exported during this time throughout the world. The original Friesian breed was imported to ports of England and Scotland during the 1800s until it was stopped in 1892 when a threat of foot and mouth disease became a concern. By the end of 1912 there were 1,000 bulls and 6,000 cows registered in...

Blaarkop Cattle
2014-07-12 09:45:02

The Blaarkop is a breed of dairy cattle that is bred in the Groningen region of the Netherlands. It has been referenced as early as the 1300s and from the 1800s the breed was found in the Utrecht and Leiden regions also. The breed is sturdy and muscular with a horned head and strong legs. The body color is either solid red or black with a white head and tail tip. Around the eyes is a blotch the same color as the main body. In the population there is a ratio of 60 percent red colored and 40...

Ayrshire Cattle
2014-07-09 14:00:00

The Ayrshire  is a breed of dairy cattle that originated in Ayrshire, south west Scotland. It was traditionally known as the Dunlop or Cunninghame and were exported all over the world. In New Zealand the Ayrshire is still known as the Dunlop. Ayrshire cattle are frequently bred with Holstein cattle to improve the Holstein’s fertility. The cow is known for its ability to convert grass into milk, easy calving and longevity. The Ayrshire is a hardy breed that can adapt to management...

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