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Milking Cows In Ancient Times
2012-06-21 12:57:14

Brett Smith for redOrbit.com New evidence points to the existence of prehistoric dairies existing almost 7,000 years ago in the modern day Sahara Desert. British scientists said they have found proof of dairy processing or cooking in the form of microscopic dairy fats stained on clay pots from Libya dating back to the fifth millennium BC, according to a report published in Nature. “This suggests that the inception of dairying practices in North Africa and an early and...

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Australian Milking Zebu Cattle
2014-07-09 13:49:54

The Australian Milking Zebu (AMZ) is a breed of dairy cattle that originated in Australia in the 1950s. It was developed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) by crossbreeding the Sahiwal and Red Sindhi cattle from Pakistan with Jersey cattle. A small amount of Illawarra, Guernsey and Friesian blood was introduced as well. It was bred specifically to be resilient to heat, cattle tick and for milk production. The AMZ is similar in color and markings to...

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