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2014-02-11 10:53:30

Tamoxifen, a drug currently used to treat breast cancer, also kills a fungus that causes a deadly brain infection in immunocompromised patients. The findings, which could lead to new treatments for a disease that kills more HIV/AIDS patients than tuberculosis, appear in mBio®, the online open-access journal of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM.) "This work sets the stage for additional animal studies to see if tamoxifen can be used as a drug in people and will allow us to design...

2009-07-21 18:36:04

A drug used to prevent breast cancer shows promise as a killer of life-threatening fungal infections, U.S. researchers say. Dr. Damian Krysan of the University of Rochester Medical Center and colleagues found tamoxifen kills yeast in mice with Candida infections. The researchers suggest the drug, used to help prevent breast cancer recurrence, may kill fungus cells and stop them from causing disease. It's still early, but if tamoxifen, or molecules like it, turns out to be an effective...

2009-07-20 13:58:33

Tamoxifen kills fungus cells and may prevent them from causing disease An FDA-approved drug used for preventing recurrence of breast cancer shows promise in fighting life-threatening fungal infections common in immune-compromised patients, such as infants born prematurely and patients with cancer. Some scientists suspected that tamoxifen has antifungal properties; now new research from the University of Rochester Medical Center shows that it actually kills fungus cells and stops them from...

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