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Bird Brains Can Tell Us A Lot About Human Behavior
2013-02-28 05:30:56

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online New research involving songbirds may help explain how the human brain is organized to govern skilled performance, a finding that could lead to new ways of understanding human speech production and other complex behaviors. The researchers found that whenever a bird sings, some of the neurons in its brain prepare to make the next sounds while others are synchronized with the current notes. This coordination of physical actions and...

2008-12-15 09:25:38

Research looks at brain in the first moments of learningPractice as well as sleep may help birds learn new songsThe reorganization of neural activity during sleep helps young songbirds to develop the vocal skills they display while awake, University of Chicago researchers have found.Sleep is well known to have a role in a broad range of learning processes studied in humans, including acquiring complex skills such as video game playing and learning new speech dialects. However, the neural...

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