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2013-07-09 16:49:31

Many brain-training companies tout the scientific backing of their products – the laboratory studies that reveal how their programs improve your brainpower. But according to a new report, most intervention studies like these have a critical flaw: They do not adequately account for the placebo effect. The new analysis appears in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science. The results of psychological interventions, like medical ones, must be compared to...

2011-08-05 05:54:40

(Ivanhoe Newswire)--Memory may not be as powerful as many people believe. A recent study reveals the many people in the United States think that memory is more powerful, objective, and reliable than it actually is. A survey was conducted to measure individuals' ideas of how the memory works. Daniel Simons, a University of Illinois psychology professor and leader of the study along with Christopher Chabris, Union College psychology professor, was quoted stating, "Our book highlight ways in...

2011-08-04 12:49:57

A new survey reveals that many people in the U.S. "“ in some cases a substantial majority "“ think that memory is more powerful, objective and reliable than it actually is. Their ideas are at odds with decades of scientific research. The results of the survey and a comparison to expert opinion appear in a paper in the journal PLoS ONE. (Before reading further, test your own ideas about memory.) "This is the first large-scale, nationally representative survey of the U.S. population...

2011-06-09 13:40:49

In a new study, researchers tested the claims of a Boston police officer who said he ran past a brutal police beating without seeing it. After re-creating some of the conditions of the original incident and testing the perceptions of college students who ran past a staged fight, the researchers found the officer's story plausible. The study appears in the peer-reviewed open access journal i-Perception. Psychology professors Christopher Chabris (Union College) and Daniel Simons...

2011-04-18 13:58:25

Why we don't see what's right in front of our eyes University of Utah psychologists have learned why many people experience "inattention blindness" "“ the phenomenon that leaves drivers on cell phones prone to traffic accidents and makes a gorilla invisible to viewers of a famous video. The answer: People who fail to see something right in front of them while they are focusing on something else have lower "working memory capacity" "“ a measure of "attentional control," or the...

2010-07-12 13:10:49

A new study finds that those who know that an unexpected event is likely to occur are no better at noticing other unexpected events "“ and may be even worse "“ than those who aren't expecting the unexpected. The study, from Daniel Simons, a professor of psychology and in the Beckman Institute at the University of Illinois, appears this month as the inaugural paper in the new open access journal i-Perception. (www.perceptionweb.com/i-perception) The study used a new video based on...

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