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2013-09-24 10:49:15

A fast fish with a huge impact Globalization is breaking down barriers – also for plants and animals on the lookout for new homes. Rivers are also changing, in particular through the introduction of non-native species, often brought in by passing ships. In the Danube River, scientists have been observing a fish species conquering a new habitat and creating a totally new ecosystem in the process. Recent decades have seen massive changes to many river systems. To improve passage for...

Farming Arrived In Stone Age Europe Via Near East Migrants
2013-02-12 12:25:25

Brett Smith for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online The seeds for the rise of Western civilization were planted when humans living in Europe began to adopt farming, a more efficient and reliable way to supply food, as opposed to hunting and gathering. A recent report published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), found farming technology was brought to the region by people who moved there from the Near East. "One of the big questions in European archaeology...

Impact From Humans Felt On Black Sea Long Before Industrial Era
2012-09-04 14:44:23

When WHOI geologist Liviu Giosan first reconstructed the history of how the Danube River built its delta, he was presented with a puzzle. In the delta´s early stages of development, the river deposited its sediment within a protected bay. As the delta expanded onto the Black Sea shelf in the late Holocene and was exposed to greater waves and currents, rather than seeing the decline in sediment storage that he expected, Giosan found the opposite. The delta continued to grow. In fact,...

Melting Ice On Danube Wrecks Hundreds Of Boats, Sinks Landmark Nightclub
2012-02-21 05:43:01

Warming temperatures sent icebergs up to three feet thick crashing into hundreds of boats on the River Danube near Belgrade, whisking away several barges and sinking one of Belgrade's trademark floating restaurants, Alexander, according to witness accounts on Monday. The ice floes, which had closed large parts of the 1,800-mile-long waterway as the region fell under a record-setting two-week cold spell, began shifting Sunday afternoon due to rising temperatures. There were no reports of...

2011-03-01 17:17:00

PARIS, March 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- One clear trend emerging at the 22nd MIPIM is the increasing number of large towns and cities that are joining forces within and across borders to support common urban development projects and boost the attractiveness of their region. "Competition between major international cities to attract investors is still very intense and will be visible at MIPIM. A strategy of cooperation is therefore becoming a critical issue for a growing number of cities so...

2010-02-01 08:03:00

BELLEVUE, Wash., Feb. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Danube Technologies, Inc., (www.danube.com) the leader in project management tools and training for the Scrum project management framework, today announced the latest release of its ScrumWorks® Pro product. ScrumWorks Pro 4.3 includes improvements to the tool's Sprint Burndown Chart, Team Member Load Report and filtering with Themes. The release, which is the third upgrade since the enterprise-ready ScrumWorks Pro 4 was launched in...

2009-05-18 08:03:00

Danube supports conference, agile community with third year of sponsorship BELLEVUE, Wash., May 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Danube Technologies, Inc., (http://www.danube.com), the leader in software and training for the Scrum method of agile software development, today announces its continued commitment to helping organizations improve processes with Scrum through a sponsorship at the Agile 2009 Conference. This year's conference will be held August 24 - 28, in Chicago. To learn more about Danube...

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