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Scientific Community To Observe 'Darwin Day' On Sunday
2012-02-12 06:31:53

Members of the international scientific community are set to honor the work and accomplishments of evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin on Sunday February 12, otherwise known as "Darwin Day". According to Boston Globe Correspondent Nancy Shohet West, Sunday is the 203rd anniversary of Darwin's birth. Patrick Everett, coordinator of the Concord Area Humanists and organizer of an event in the Massachusetts community told West that occasion, which he dubbed "a celebration of science and...

2011-10-23 07:00:00

Darwin, the global recruitment software provider, has upgraded its recruitment software to include the latest Social Media tools. Birmingham, UK (PRWEB) October 23, 2011 Darwin v3 sees the addition of Social Media integration including LinkedIn, Twitter and Social Monitoring. Recruiters can now browse LinkedIn profiles from inside their recruitment software, and import a candidate's LinkedIn CV directly into the database. Recruiters can also watch and react to live Twitter streams; and even...

2011-05-30 00:00:30

ServiceM8.com, a cloud app aimed at reducing job administration for small business, officially launched this month. Darwin, Northern Territory (PRWEB) May 28, 2011 "ServiceM8 is a new approach to managing clients, staff and jobs in real-time. It [ServiceM8] is to job management what Facebook is to email" ServiceM8 CEO Kim Ford said today. "While friends on Facebook post messages about their social lives - staff using ServiceM8 post messages, photos, quotes and invoices to keep everyone in...

2011-02-17 18:00:00

Now a remnant low pressure area, former Tropical Storm Carlos continues to move southwest inland over Australia's Northern Territory and dump heavy amounts of rainfall. NASA's Aqua satellite saw some of the high thunderstorms within Carlos over land and extending north into the Timor Sea. The Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) instrument onboard NASA's Aqua satellite measures cloud-top, sea surface and land temperatures. Those are important factors in determining the strength and power of a...

2011-02-16 13:18:38

NASA's Aqua satellite captured an infrared image today of tropical cyclones affecting Australia in the western and northern areas of the country. Newly formed Tropical Storm Carlos is bringing heavy rains and gusty winds to Darwin and the Northern Territory, while Tropical Storm Dianne is bringing rains and winds to Western Australia. NASA's Aqua satellite passed over Australia today, Feb. 16 at 05:17 UTC (12:17 a.m. EST/ 2:47 p.m. Australia/Darwin local time. The Atmospheric Infrared Sounder...

2011-02-15 18:00:00

NASA's Aqua satellite captured a low pressure area known as System 99S that appears to be strengthening very close to Darwin, Australia. Aqua satellite data indicated that the strongest thunderstorms were over the Timor Sea on Feb. 15. System 99S is a threat to Australia's Northern Territory because on Feb. 15 it was centered only 20 miles (32 km) south of Darwin, Australia, near 12.7 degrees South latitude and 130.7 degrees East longitude. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center gives System 99S a...

2009-12-14 16:11:05

Tropical Storm Laurence tracked through Darwin Australia this weekend before sliding back into the Timor Sea and now Laurence is forecast to make a second landfall in Australia. Laurence is forecast to make landfall north of Wyndham then parallel the coastline while moving over land for the next couple of days. Laurence is forecast to make landfall in the Kimberley region, move southwest through the northern area of the Great Sandy Desert and into the Pilbara region. At 0900 UTC (4 a.m. ET)...

2009-10-26 08:26:57

A 1,860-mile solar car race in Australia started in the city of Darwin on Sunday, organizers announced. The cars revved up at 8:30 am on a trip that will conclude mid-week in Adelaide. "We had 32 vehicles start this morning," said Mike Drewer, a spokesman for the World Solar Challenge, told AFP on Sunday. "The first away was Aurora 101 from Australia, having set the fastest speed time yesterday." The Nuna team came out as number one in 2007, 2005, 2003 and 2001, but was forced to rebuild its...

2008-09-27 03:00:13

By Love, Alan C STANFORD, P. KyIe. Exceeding Our Grasp: Science, History, and the Problem of Unconceived Alternatives. New York: Oxford University Press, 2006. xiv + 234 pp. Cloth, $55.00-"Should we really believe that our best scientific theories simply tell us how things stand in the various inaccessible domains of nature they purport to describe" (p. 5)? According to explanationist defenses of scientific realism (namely, nothing other than realism makes sense of the profound success of...

2008-07-12 03:00:24

By Vaughan, G Schiller, C; MacKenzie, A R; Bower, K; Peter, T; Schlager, H; Harris, N R P; May, P T A multinational field campaign in Australia studied the effect of deep convection on the composition of the tropical tropopause layer. This article describes the Stratospheric-Climate Links with Emphasis on the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere (SCOUT-O3) and Aerosol and Chemical Transport in Deep Convection (ACTIVE) field campaign conducted in Darwin, Australia (12.47[degrees]S,...

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2004-10-19 04:45:43

Terrestrial Planet Finder -- The Terrestrial Planet Finder is a proposed NASA telescope system capable of detecting extrasolar terrestrial planets. In May 2002, NASA chose two TPF mission architecture concepts for further study and technology development. Each would use a different means to achieve the same goal - to block the light from a parent star in order to see its much smaller, dimmer planets. That technology challenge has been likened to finding a firefly near the beam of...

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