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2008-07-01 15:00:32

A SERIES of events to honour the life, ideas and impact of Charles Darwin are to be held at Edinburgh Zoo. It is taking part in Darwin200, a national celebration of the famous naturalist, which starts today. The celebrations cover three anniversaries. Today it is 150 years since Darwin first presented his theory of evolution; his 200th birthday is on February 12, 2009; and in November next year it will be 150 years since the controversial publication of his definitive work On the Origin...

2008-04-17 00:45:00

Charles Darwin's collection of research found its way to the Web on Thursday for the first time.The Web site, Darwin-online.org.uk, showcases the largest collection, amounting to around 20,000 items and 90,000 images, according to the Cambridge University Library, which is home to Darwin's papers.The site also boasts the largest Darwin bibliography ever exhibited, due to the work of R. B. Freeman, and the largest catalogue of manuscripts "“ over 30,000 entries. Users are able to search...

2005-05-14 07:10:00

Two-Hour Computer-Animated Special Features Top Scientists Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku and J. Craig Venter, Plus "Star Wars" Filmmaker George Lucas, Discussing Life Outside Our Solar System Mankind's greatest adventure is only decades away: In our century, unmanned space probes equipped with artificial intelligence will be sent to search for life on planets beyond our solar system. But what will happen when we find it? ALIEN PLANET takes viewers on a dramatic virtual mission of the future...

2005-04-12 07:25:00

Astrobiology Magazine -- Maggie Turnbull, an astronomer with the Carnegie Institution, has spent many years thinking about what kind of stars could harbor Earth-like planets. Her database of potentially habitable star systems could be used as a target list for NASA's upcoming Terrestrial Planet Finder (TPF) mission. Turnbull presented a talk, "Remote Sensing of Life and Habitable Worlds: Habstars, Earthshine and TPF," at a NASA Forum for Astrobiology Research on March 14, 2005. This edited...

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2004-10-19 04:45:43

Terrestrial Planet Finder -- The Terrestrial Planet Finder is a proposed NASA telescope system capable of detecting extrasolar terrestrial planets. In May 2002, NASA chose two TPF mission architecture concepts for further study and technology development. Each would use a different means to achieve the same goal - to block the light from a parent star in order to see its much smaller, dimmer planets. That technology challenge has been likened to finding a firefly near the beam of...

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