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2010-09-17 08:26:00

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- How did smooth jazz guitarist, recording artist and producer Marc Anotine discover David Gonzalez, the youngest smooth jazz radio station owner in the world? Apparently, goodwill and hard work still pays off in the smooth jazz community of more than 100 well-known artists and a global audience of 2 million listeners in the US market. Fortunately, for music lovers, Smooth Wave Jazz is firmly seated on the map and is growing. This 17-year-old and...

2009-06-05 18:45:38

Fourteen percent of the respondents to a survey in Spain say they have suffered psychological abuse or bullying at the workplace, researchers said. David Gonzalez of the High Court of Justice of Madrid and Jose Luis Grana of the Complutense University defined workplace bullying as a process of systematic and repeated aggression by a person or group towards a workmate, subordinate or superior. Gonzalez and Grana used data from nearly 3,000 valid responses received from the Negative Acts...

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