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2012-03-09 10:28:15

A team of researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have successfully flushed latent HIV infection from hiding, with a drug used to treat certain types of lymphoma. Tackling latent HIV in the immune system is critical to finding a cure for AIDS. The results were presented today at the 19th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Seattle, Washington. While current antiretroviral therapies can very effectively control virus levels, they can never...

2011-04-12 05:55:00

A new study suggests that people who use certain prescribed antibiotics for treatment of acne are unlikely to develop bacteria resistance to those drugs, even when they use the antibiotics for months at a time. Researchers are surprised by the findings given what is known about bacteria's ability to adapt to common antibiotics and become immune to their effects. And it's interesting because the bacteria the researchers studied -- Staphylococcus aureus -- is the root cause of MRSA. MRSA is...

2010-08-20 16:35:00

New research suggests that acne antibiotics prescribed to help control breakouts may lead to inflammatory bowel disease. Dr. David Margolis, a dermatologist and lead author of a study in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, said in an interview with Reuters Health that bowel disorders linked to acne treatment are "a rare outcome."However, previous studies suggest that the acne drug isotretinoin might be the cause of inflammatory bowel disease in a small number of patients being treated...

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  • A sacred stone in the temple of Apollo at Delphi, believed by the Greeks to mark the 'navel' or exact center-point of the earth.
'Omphalos' comes from the ancient Greek.