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Virtual Exercise Partners Improve Motivation
2014-04-24 07:10:28

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online While nothing can completely replace the motivation that exercising with another person can provide, new research from Michigan State University suggests that having a virtual workout buddy can also be somewhat effective. In the study, which appears this month in the Games for Health Journal, professor Deborah Feltz of the MSU kinesiology department and her colleagues set out to test whether or not a software-generated partner...

Dumb Jock Stereotype Hinders Athletes’ Academic Performance
2013-04-22 18:41:54

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Many athletes, particularly those who have their head knocked around on a regular basis, often face the stigma of being seen as unintelligent or somewhat slow-witted. This “dumb jock” stereotype is pervasive throughout universities and amongst student athletes. Any coming-of-age, raucous college film portrays a defined social hierarchy structured by these stereotypes. In these movies, the nerds may be able to...

2012-07-25 00:25:41

The inferior members of swimming or running relay teams — those athletes who fared poorest in individual races — showed the greatest gains when performing as part of a team, and those gains were even greater during final races as opposed to preliminary races. The new research from Michigan State University´s Deborah Feltz and Kaitlynn Osborn provides some of the first real-world support for the Köhler motivation effect, which describes how less capable...

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