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Australias Government Gives Koalas Threatend Species Status
2012-05-01 06:32:21

For the first time ever, koalas in some parts of Australia have been listed as a threatened species by the Australian government. Facing serious threats from climate change and urban expansion, koala populations in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Queensland have made their way onto the nation´s vulnerable species list. The list was created to keep development away from the areas where the koalas are threatened. Over the past 2 decades, the koala population has...

2009-11-11 06:25:00

Conservationists are working to get Australia's koalas on the endangered species list, saying the beloved marsupial could be extinct in 30 years. According the Australian Koala Foundation, the latest survey on the animal suggests that climate chance, disease and over-development have resulted in the number of koalas dropping by probably more than half in the past six years, reported AFP. The study found between 43,000 and 80,000 koalas on mainland Australia, which is considerably less than...

2008-12-12 09:45:00

Researchers sent out a warning on Thursday that the koala bear will become extinct in parts of Australia if the federal government does not immediately act. Several Australian scientists will convene with government officials in Canberra today in an attempt to create a national koala conservation plan that keeps thriving populations of the animals from being in danger of extinction. Fewer than 100,000 koalas are alive in Australia, contrasting the millions of them that thrived before the...

2008-07-16 15:00:39

AN animal activist known around the world as Koala Woman has hosted a talk at Edinburgh Zoo. Australian Deborah Tabart visited the zoo yesterday to speak about her two decades of fighting for the rights of the animals across the world. She chose to visit the zoo when she learned that it was one of few UK facilities that were home to koalas. She said she was keen to impress upon those present the plight the bears faced. She said: "The koala is the flagship species for animals all...

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